Graduation is right around the corner

By DYLAN LATORE – Seniors, can you feel that feeling in the air? That wispy, light feeling of freedom coming closer and closer? It’s now at the point where seniors at IHS have less than a week until their departure off into the world. With the first warm days blessing our town, it’s almost as if something clicked in the unanimous minds of our class.

The end is near, and I have never been happier to say it. Other seniors are feeling the joy as well; Rocco Fanella described the feeling as, “Absolutely unreal. It’s really hard to believe that we are finally done. It’s been a great experience growing up with all my classmates, and I look forward to graduating with them as well.”

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National Honor Society inducts many IHS juniors and seniors

By ADRIANA GUTH-BOROWSKI – On Thursday, May 3, forty-two dedicated students were inducted into the IHS chapter of the National Honor Society. These students were composed of four seniors and thirty-eight Juniors.

Students accepted into NHS were treated to an induction ceremony, which began with a speech by Principal Mr. McElheny. After being congratulated, the new NHS members received a certificate of their achievement.

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Fortnite takes IHS by storm

By KAYLEE BECKER-GEORGE – Everyone has heard of the free game by Epic Games that has captured the interest of the world and held it: Fortnite. Players spend hours and hours at a keyboard, controller, or mobile device just to secure that victory in its Battle Royal mode. The fact that it’s free makes it all the better because anyone can play. As of February 2018, there are 3.4 million players. However, is Fortnite as good as its worshippers say it is?

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IHS trusts the process of NextGen Clothing

By JOE LUETKEHANS:  A powerful entrepreneurial spirit has struck IHS with the introduction of NextGen Clothing Co, a start-up streetwear brand from the minds of junior students Owen Dougherty and Donovan Robinson.  

In early March, NextGen began selling their screen printed designs to close friends before marketing themselves school-wide.  Credit for the brand’s success is partially due to the simple, yet professional looking logo, the words “NextGen” surrounded by wings. The original inspiration for the name came on a whim during an evening drive, according to Dougherty.  “… I was going through notes on Donovan’s phone and I saw NextGen, and I knew ‘this is it!’”

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IHS competes in the Physics Olympics

By JULIAN YERGER – On March 23, 2018, 120 students from 11 regional high schools competed in the Physics Olympics, an annual math and science competition hosted by IUP undergraduates.  A four-person team from Indiana won the spaghetti and tape tower building competition, but other schools won the jeopardy game, aptitude test, physics puzzles, and cumulative score competition.

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Drama Club dancers make an appearance at IUP

By MIA LENZI – Drama Club students were invited to participate in an IUP Dance performance. They performed their homemade dance on April 6, 7, and 8. Directed by Holly Boda-Sutton, the show consisted of two acts starting out with Kintercircus and ending with Princess and the Pea…Brained.

IHS dancers could be spotted during the first act show, Kintercircus. They were dressed as clowns to match the circus setting and performed a rhythmic and comedic dance. Six students were invited by Boda-Sutton herself to perform in the dance.

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IHS students gather in remembrance of the Parkland shooting victims

By ADRIANA GUTH-BOROWSKI – On February 14, 2018, a mass shooting occurred at Parkland High School in Florida in which 17 people were killed. The students of IHS joined together in remembrance of the people who lost their lives.

With over 100 people in attendance, students gathered on the Andrew Kuzneski field. Students stood together for six minutes and twenty seconds of silence, which is the time it took for the shooting to occur.

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IHS presents The Interview: April 27 and 28

By MIA LENZI – Want to see the reality of auditioning for a play, or maybe getting an interview for a job, or even trying out for Miss Kentucky? IHS presents The Interview, Friday, April 27 and Saturday, April 28 at 7:30, where three short shows are combined to make one humorous performance. The Interview features the shows Miss Kentucky by Allison Williams, The Role of Della by John Wooten, and Hard Candy by Jonathan Rand.

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Artist in Residency program educates and electrifies

By INDIA KRUG – For students in the band department, many acclaimed jazz musicians are contained within sheet music– mere names connected to the songs they wrote or performed.  The Artist in Residence program provides something more tangible: bringing the musicians straight to Indiana, PA.

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IHS performs exceptionally well in NIE competition

By HANNAH STEELE- Some may say that journalism is a dying art, but it was very much alive at the annual “Newspaper in Education” banquet on March 22nd at the Indiana Gazette office.  

The Indiana Gazette hosted an event honoring the winners and runner-ups of the NIE competition, which had an attendance of 80 people.  Between the “Write an Opinion,” “Write a Feature Story,” and numerous photography contests, IHS had 17 award winners from all grade levels.

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High schools compete at foreign language competition at IUP

By DEBRA FLINT- March 24 marked the the 29th annual Foreign Language Competition at IUP.  Indiana had many participants and over a hundred students in the competition.

APPLES, the Appalachian Professional Language Educators’ Society is a group formed in 1986 to foster cooperation among teachers at elementary through university levels in the same subject area.

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IHS Mini-THON stands up to pediatric cancer

BY JENNIFER BRICE – The night of March 23 marked the 10th annual IHS Mini-THON, a philanthropic event that benefits the fight against pediatric cancer by donating to the Four Diamonds Fund. Students remained on their feet for six hours of the night to symbolize the relentless battle faced by children affected by illness.  This year, the IHS community came together to raise a donation that totaled over $27,000 by the end of the night.

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2018 student teachers enjoy the atmosphere of the senior high

By ASHLEE GRAHAM Each year new teachers hit the halls of IHS, but only for a while. The student teachers for the 2018 school year have been here for some time now. IHS receives a group of student teachers from IUP to help provide new teaching styles to the students, as well as provide real-world teaching opportunities to the student teachers.

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Cellist Jacob Shaw IUP artist in residence

By RAELEIGH SMITH (contributing reporter) – Every year IUP does an Artist in Residence. This year they invented Jacob Shaw from London in the UK and his accompanist David Lau Magnussen form Denmark. Jacob Shaw is an internationally award-winning cellist. Performances in over 5 continents in the world. Greatest venues – Carnegie Hall, Berlin Konzerthaus, Seoul Arts Center, the Apollo Theater, Royal Albert Hall, and  Walt Disney Hall.

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Redhead-Kriston chosen for environmental summit

By JULIAN YERGER – During the summer of 2018, IHS Junior Madeline Redhead-Kriston (Maddie RK to those that know her) will be attending the Washington Youth Summit on the Environment (WYSE) from June 24 to 29.  Hosted by George Mason University, this prestigious conference invites 300 students from across the country to learn environmental science and conservation policy.

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Healthcare: Through the eyes of a diabetic

*The following article won a first place prize in this year’s Newspapers In Education contest

By JUSTIN REESE – As a diabetic, medication has become a regular in my life. A regular that I have accepted and has become habitual for me. I couldn’t imagine a life without it. Unfortunately, with any medication comes a cost, which is sometimes unaffordable.

A Harvard study shows that millions of adults skip their medications simply because they can’t afford them. With common health issues like diabetes, high blood pressure, and arthritis, it’s not uncommon for adults to take more than five prescriptions per day.

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District faculties compete for a worthy cause

By JENNIFER BRICE – On Friday, March 9, staff members from every school throughout the Indiana Area School District came together in the high school’s new gymnasium for the annual Battle of the Faculties.  

The event is a well-loved tradition that treats students to a night of entertainment as teachers compete for their school’s team in a variety of activities. Most importantly, the event’s purpose is to collect donations for Hopeful Hearts, a local charity that provides a safe environment for grieving children and families.

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Gloria Lo: The musician behind the violin

By ASHLEE GRAHAM Senior and gifted violinist Gloria Lo has accomplished many great things during her high school career, particularly musical accomplishments. With violin in hand, Gloria has done many great things, and there are many great things on the horizon for the young musician.

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