All PA schools closed indefinitely
IHS Distance Learning begins April 2
Graduation is moved to June 5
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About Us

The High Arrow Mission Statement

The High Arrow is dedicated to bringing the students of Indiana Area Senior High School and the surrounding community news, feature, sports, A&E, and opinion articles that meet the highest journalistic standards of truth, accuracy, and relevance to our readers.


Hannah Steele


Hannah is a senior co-editor and has been on the High Arrow staff for four years.  In regard to journalism, she enjoys writing the truth and delivering credible news.

Jorie Meil

Editor, Associate Business Manager

Jorie is a senior co-editor and has been on the High Arrow and is in her fourth year on the staff.  Jorie enjoys being able to inform the public of all goings-on at IHS.

India Krug

Associate Editor

India is a senior and joined The High Arrow because journalism matters.  Since joining the staff three years ago, she has written many articles, including opinions, has made a lot of friends, and has grown to adore Bob Woodward. 

Adriana Guth-Borowski

Associate Editor, Business Manager

Adriana is a junior and has been on the High Arrow staff for three years. Her goal is to bring accurate news and other stories to the readers of the High Arrow.

Emma Norman

Associate Editor

Emma is a senior and this is her third year with The High Arrow.  She enjoys providing the school with trustworthy news and plans to enjoy her senior year on the staff. 

Korey Ferringer


Korey is a sophomore and is in his second year on the staff. Korey is most concerned that everything in The High Arrow is truthful and to the point.

Sylvia Galeno


Sylvia is a senior and this is her second year on the High Arrow staff. She’s excited to cover the news of 2019-20. She enjoys getting the scoop on the school and creating memories in journalism class.

Justin Reese


Justin Reese is a junior and is returning to journalism for his second year of reporting. Justin loves writing articles that will inform and entertain his peers.  

Endya Tyson


Endya is a junior and in her first year of journalism at IHS.  She is looking forward to always be seeking the next hot topic. *Ting:)

Meghan Rummel


Meghan is a freshman and this is her first year on the High Arrow staff. She is excited to write useful and truthful articles.

Kiley Branan


Kiley is a freshman and a first year reporter for the High Arrow. She enjoys writing about sports and school events.

Mr. Lawrence Nath


Mr. Nath has been the High Arrow adviser for the past ten years.  He enjoys teaching journalism because he feels it is important for students to learn how to read and report accurate, factual news.

Are you a student interested in journalism, writing, and much more?

The High Arrow always has space for like minded individuals who are dedicated to the journalistic standards of truth, accuracy and relevance to our readers. Talk to Mr. Nath today directly, or contact us online with any questions.