Indiana Area Senior High School

Pro/Con: Vape detectors hit IHS

By GABI ISENBERG and ELLA MOSCO GABI ISENBERG – IHS is taking new measures to combat the vaping epidemic. Vape detectors are in consideration to be installed in bathrooms in the coming months. All IHS students are affected by vaping – whether they know it or not.  Although the purchase of vape detectors for IHS […]

How the banning books can affect IHS students

By ADDISON MCAFEE The act of banning books has been around for centuries and has been a big issue throughout time. The first book ban that took place in the United States was New English Canaan by Thomas Mortonn in 1637 in Massachusetts. Books can be banned for a number of reasons. In Pennsylvania alone […]

Mental health in schools: What more can be done?

By SKY STEVENS The seemingly unstoppable growth of mental health crisis in society has the public education system in a tight spot. Because of this, schools have been working to create a more extensive support system for students struggling with mental health. Though it is a limited system, IHS and its student body have been […]

Why Indiana’s image needs to be redrawn. 

By EMMA SHEERAN Over the last few months, IHS began making subtle changes to its Indian head and feather logo. On some paraphernalia, the logo no longer has feathers or a Native American head on it. For example, the IHS Marching Band logo used to have feathers and/or a Native American head on it, but […]

Morbius: a complete failure?

By YANIS DJEKBOUBI Morbius is Sony’s latest addition to their superhero movie adaptation catalog. After the enormous success they had with Spiderman: No Way Home (3rd most money grossing movie of all time), it would be logical to expect Morbius to follow on this trend. However, the movie took a completely different path.. and not […]

Student Life: Parking and Traffic

By NICK DRAHNAK Recently, the spring parking season has started.  The student parking at IHS is something that has been chaotic for years on end.  The morning traffic is always bad.  Students can sometimes have a hard time squeezing into the narrow spaces.  And when leaving, if students do not bolt out to their cars, […]

Snow Day or Remote Day?

By Nick Drahnak With the heavy snowfall and adverse weather conditions of January, the faculty, staff, and teachers have lucked out with a few snow days.  This was not only exciting but also very beneficial to some students.  The snow day just so happened to be on the week that the first semester and second […]

Captain America would want you to eat locally

By TEAGAN MERRIMAN – In June of 2019, graphic video footage of workers at Fair Oaks Farms – one of the country’s largest dairy operations – punching cows, beating them with metal poles, and even breaking their tails flooded the internet.   Rightfully so, Americans were outraged at the thought of the animals responsible for the […]

Synchronous students should not have to turn their cameras on during class

By MEGHAN RUMMEL- Doing school online is now considered the new “normal” and having your cameras on or off is a very controversial topic. Synchronous students at IHS have the option of having their cameras on or off for google meets during class.  There is plenty of reasons why students may not to want to […]