Indiana Area Senior High School

By Katarina Medvetz

Winter drinks are always a popular topic at this time of year. There is a mega buzz about winter drinks at IHS. Some people like to purchase their drinks from various places while others like making their own drinks. 

Whether it is a student or staff member at IHS, everyone has their opinion about winter drinks.  Some think that there is a superior place to purchase winter drinks and have a strong opinion about it. 

When asked if she prefers Starbucks or Dunkin’, senior Cileigh Clemmons voiced, “I prefer Dunkin’ winter drinks because of the lower price and the memories that get made there.” It is made clear that Dunkin’ has a nice environment for members of IHS to enjoy their winter drinks.  

It is known that multiple places dropped their winter selection of drinks on November 2, 2023. Some think that is great while others say that is too early. Senior Dakota Sparks conveys, “Yes, November 2 was too early to release winter drinks because we should still have the pumpkin spice drinks.”

Winter drinks are seen all around the halls at IHS because there is a big craze on it.  These drinks may be from the Commons Cafe, a local coffee shop, or brought from home. There seems to be more drinks from Dunkin’ than any other seen at IHS. 

Some people like their winter drinks in the form of a latte, however, sophomore Meah Myers stated, “My favorite winter drink is hot chocolate because it is warm and comforting and there is nothing better than relaxing with some hot coco.” 

[photo by Katarina Medvetz] “Maddie Shirley enjoys her winter drink from Dunkin’ while in class.”

Winter drinks make the students and staff excited for the holidays.  There is nothing that gets you in the holiday spirit like a Sugar Cookie Almond Milk Latte from Starbucks. Additionally, Dunkin’s Cookie Butter Cold Brew is getting IHS ready to get into the Christmas spirit.  

While some people think that winter drinks are overrated, the vast majority of IHS loves the excitement around winter drinks.  Winter beverages get everyone in the holiday spirit and bring joy to IHS.

Katarina Medvetz
Katarina Medvetz is a senior at IHS and it is her first year on the High Arrow staff. Outside of school she likes to play tennis and shop. At IHS, she is a part of ambassadors, a varsity starter for IHS tennis, and is a member of NHS. She is looking forward to writing and learning about current news that is relevant to students at IHS.