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Pro/Con: Vape detectors hit IHS


GABI ISENBERG – IHS is taking new measures to combat the vaping epidemic. Vape detectors are in consideration to be installed in bathrooms in the coming months. All IHS students are affected by vaping – whether they know it or not. 

Although the purchase of vape detectors for IHS is not finalized yet, it’s looking to be. There are many ways these devices will help staff and administrators to catch illegal vaping in the bathrooms. Assistant Principal Mr. Johnson stated, “Although we were aware that many other districts use vape detectors and have been happy with them, we wanted to see how they worked before we proceeded. The reports that we have received from other districts have been overwhelmingly positive. We want to do everything that we can to make sure that students aren’t having to worry about their safety in the restrooms.”

Every student is inadvertently affected by vaping. An issue that has become present with vaping is crowding in bathrooms. Many students are unable to use the restroom because it is overcrowded with students who are illegally vaping. Freshman Claire Stewart commented on how vape detectors will help reduce this crowding stating, “I think the vape detectors will definitely reduce crowding in the bathrooms. Now that students are aware of these installations they’re less likely to try and get away with vaping.”

Vaping in school presents many problems. Not only is it illegal, but it is also detrimental to the health of students. ‘Popcorn Lung’ is a severe condition and common problem associated with vaping. It also affects their overall attitude. School security officer Mr. Webb mentioned that “[Students] become obsessed with the latest equipment, thus spending the money they earn on devices. It also has a change in their attitudes.  They are more likely to refuse good advice.”

Vape detectors will be beneficial at IHS. These devices will help alert staff and administration to who is vaping at school, and how often this is happening. The students who are caught are only a fraction of the students who are doing it. This way, those students can get the help they need to combat their addiction.


ELLA MOSCO – Vaping and the use of other drugs have been an issue at our school for a while. This issue is affecting the learning, safety, and health of all the students at IHS.  Our school is now considering taking new steps to prevent these ongoing issues. Students at IHS have varying opinions about the new precautions being taken. 

Freshman Jayla Peterson says, “I think that they’re a waste of money and won’t reach the goal that is wanting to be reached. These detectors aren’t stopping the use of nicotine, tobacco, etc.. All they’re doing is detecting what kids use those products, and it will not be beneficial.”

Many students believe that the school is “out to get them” with the new plan to install detectors. The main purpose of them is to protect students’ health and safety in our building. Students who use these devices need the option to get help, which the school is trying to provide. Some students think that the school won’t help with this addiction, others just aren’t looking to quit. “I also think that we’re kids in high school and should be able to make our own decisions,” Peterson adds. 

An issue vaping is creating is crowding in the bathrooms. Students who are using the bathroom for intended purposes could potentially be in there with a student with a vape. Students believe that if they happen to be in the bathroom at the same time as a student who is using a vape, they could possibly get into trouble. 

Sophomore Cheyenne Rayba comments, “I feel that kids will find a way around it. They could be a bad way to spend money on something that might not work. It only prevents them from using vapes inside school, not outside if it.”

The school has been putting forth their best effort to prevent the illegal use of nicotine and other drugs at our school. Although some see it as a beneficial way to prevent the issues. Other students believe that the school is out to get them with the new precaution in consideration.

IHS is currently making use of the SwabTek vape detector which tests vape cartridges for cannabis.

Gabrielle Isenberg​


Gabi is a freshman and a first-year reporter for the High Arrow. She enjoys reading and swimming for the YMCA and IHS. Gabi hopes to report accurate and current information to the community.

Ella Mosco


Ella is a sophomore and a second-year reporter for the High Arrow. She swims on the IHS swim team. She hopes to efficiently inform the IHS community.

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