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IHS drama department brings to the table another play: “The Nit Wits”


The Indiana Area Senior High School Drama Department gets ready to set the stage for yet another seat-grabbing play, “The Nit Wits,” this upcoming weekend. 

Opening night is this Friday, May 5 at 7:00 pm, and will play for one more night at 7:00 pm on Saturday, May 6. Ticket prices range from $6-$7 depending on the location of seating; VIP tickets are being sold for $10 each.

What makes this play stand out from the past ones put on this year is not only the story but the fact that “The Nit Wits” is a farce. “Farces and these types of plays need the audience. The audience is the other cast member,” show director Mrs. Leah Lyons comments.

Taking part by coming to the showings and giving the cast members the laughter needed to contribute to the show itself is all Lyons and the cast ask for. 

“I really love getting to work with my classmates through this,” notes senior Chris Norton, “ and making sure I make people laugh and happy with my skills and contribution is what’s important to me.”

Not only does the audience get to gain an incredible and memorable experience from this show, but the cast does as well. Getting to put together an act like this with the peers seen and interacted with every day is an experience like no other. 

Norton makes it clear that this show and the many others are not only for the community here in Indiana but for the members and directors putting it on too.

“I encourage students to participate because it’s good, clean fun,” says Lyons, “and we all need something that is purely fun without motive.”

The comedic relief found in farces, particularly this one, is something that the school as a collective group could always use. 

Cast member Madison Milner also adds, “Opening night is something that is always very special to me because sometimes it is the senior’s last show, and we all do our own little speeches.”

As this show is the last one of the school year, that also means it will be a handful of the cast’s last show as well. The seniors participating in “The Nit Wits” get to experience one last play of fun, leaving behind a memory and a spot for the aspiring crew.

This final play of the 2022-2023 school year will surely be a show to remember; not only for those sitting in the audience but also for all that have worked hard to put it together.

[Photo by Avery Jordan] Seniors Lee Rosenberger, Julia Runge, and Sean Kelly rehearse a scene from “The Nit Wits”.

Sky Stevens


Sky is a senior and first-year reporter for the High Arrow. She is involved with the IHS Orchestra and has a passion for literature and arts, including journalistic and creative writing. She spends the majority of her time reading classic literature and practicing her writing skills.

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