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IHS Girls Lacrosse season is here


The weather continues to grow warmer, IHS Girls Lacrosse season is in full swing. 

The girls have been practicing four days a week, one out of the four being dedicated to focusing on strength training. The practices generally consist of various drills, workouts outside, and scrimmages with one another. For their strength-focusing day, they go up to the fitness center as a part of their routine.

Junior Zoe Wright comments on how she looks forward to the games, “This season I am particularly excited for the adrenaline rush you experience before the games.” 

Lacrosse has been a way many girls have gotten more involved and experienced pushing themselves to their physical limits. A lot of intense training goes into preparing for games, and it takes a lot of strength to get through some of the workouts. Nevertheless, it is an amazing way to see how far you can go. Junior Addie Lockard expressed her love for the sport, “It’s just a great sport and we are always pushing others and ourselves to get better.”

Another plus is how unified the team is, everyone is always very supportive of one another. With lacrosse being a popular sport, meaning there are plenty of opportunities to create new connections. As the season progresses, the girls grow closer and new bonds are formed every year.

Junior Natalie Bianco says the team’s closeness is her favorite part of lacrosse, “It’s been fun getting to know all the other players through the years and forming a bond that gets us through the season’s challenges.”

So make sure to show the girls your support as they continue to work very hard preparing for the many games throughout the spring season.

[Photo by Coach Allen Lockard] Flashback photo of the dynamic duo Addie Lockard and Jayden Ball

Elizabeth Olsen


Lizzie is a junior and a first-year reporter for the High Arrow. She is involved in Eco Club and the IHS tennis team. Her main hobbies are reading and writing, playing tennis, and being with her friends. She is excited to improve her writing skills by learning about the impacts of journalism!

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