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IHS Mini-THON again exceeds expectations


Indiana Senior High School kicks off the 15th successful year of Mini-THON. The event took place on March 23, hosted by IHS Leadership Club. What made this year’s Mini-THON special however, is that the attendance record was broken, with over 330 people who signed up. The overall amount raised from the event was $46,536.25.

Mini-THON is organized by the IHS Leadership Club, gaining inspiration from the Four Diamonds THON. The original event, organized by Penn State, which involves standing for 46 hours in show of support against childhood cancer. The Four Diamonds is a charity established by Penn State Health Children’s Hospital to provide for the children and families who are battling pediatric cancer.

IHS Mini-THON directs the funds to the Four Diamonds organization. All donations work to find treatment and research in hope toward a brighter future for children with cancer. 

Senior Leadership Chairperson, Abbie Huey explains what Mini-THON means to her: “Having the opportunity to work with my classmates and plan such a big event has been one of my favorite memories here at IHS.”

After registration, students are assigned to a team. The teams this year were orange, pink, blue, and purple. The event takes place in the course of six hours, with games and activities such as volleyball, gaga ball, crafts, rope pulling, etc. 

Freshman Aramide Kaffo expressed her most memorable part of Mini-THON, “I enjoyed the rope pulling the greatest, but the entire organization especially since it goes to such an amazing cause.”

For each hour during the event students gathered in the gym to sing and dance to the traditional Mini-THON song. Although the event allowed for socializing and entertainment, it was important to remember the main theme. 

A guest speaker was brought in to share his daughter’s own experience getting diagnosed with cancer. His daughter’s story recognized the true meaning of Mini-THON, highlighting a heart touching story of someone close to the community. 

After the guest speaker, students and teachers walked together in silence through the luminary walk.

Hair cutting is another major part in the Mini-THON traditions. Students have the opportunity to shave or cut their hair for donation as a way to join the sacrifices children with cancer make. 

The final moments of Mini-THON is spent revealing the total amount of money raised for the Four Diamonds Fund. Mini-THON took a full community effort at IHS, but paid off for such a good cause. The organization is important because it sheds light on a cause that demands to be recognized. Leadership member, senior Maddison Ruddek stated, “This year, I hope that Leadership Seminar can recognize the good they have done for the Four Diamonds Foundation and the attention that was brought to pediatric cancer.”

[Photo by Liam McFarlane] Photo caption “The Mini-THON reveal is always an anticipated event.”


Elia Dietz


Elia is a freshman and a first-year reporter for the High Arrow. She is a part of the IHS lacrosse team. She is excited to be in journalism and hopes to have a great first year.

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