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Cafe Amadeus serves up magic-filled day

Cafe Potter

By JENNIFER BRICE– Inside its elusively magical Platform 9¾ entrance, Cafe Amadeus seemed to have transfigured from a destination on Indiana’s Philadelphia Street, to an enchanted emporium that could only be found in the Harry Potter universe’s Hogsmeade.  Guests were greeted by the sound of “Hedwig’s Theme” and the smell of brewing Butterbeer, enchanting the senses of the J.K. Rowling series’ dedicated fans.

This year, Cafe Amadeus held its annual Harry Potter Day on Saturday, October 28th, the same day as the downtown Fall-O-Ween festivities.  With the spirit in the air, many fans enthusiastically came to the cafe dressed in character, while others got a healthy dose of Hogwarts by tasting the themed drinks and foods or just seeing the elaborately decorated environment.  

Senior Nabeeha Affan witnessed the magic firsthand, and said that “it was nice to be in an atmosphere surrounded by other people who like Harry Potter in an environment that was so detailed.”

The details enhancing the experience included photo-ops with life-sized figures of characters from Severus Snape to Dobby the House Elf, replications of Azkaban mugshots, along with a Sorting Hat and Hogwarts robes to try on for size.  

Senior Emma Stossel, another Harry Potter fan in attendance, said that “I liked the Harry Potter drinks they were serving and the treats they had. I got a Butterbeer cappuccino.” Butterbeer and its cappuccino variation, Hogwarts hot chocolate, and a Patronus Charm Bianco, were a few of the festive options offered.

Cafe Amadeus also hosted a performance by IHS’s very own Chamber of Strings orchestra group.  Talia Mastalski, a junior who performed with the group, expressed the success of the night by sharing that “it was fun, and the seats were packed.”  The Chamber of Strings enhanced the wizarding world experience with compositions like “Highlights of Harry Potter,” a medley featuring tunes easily recognizable to fans in attendance.

The popularity of Harry Potter in our generation is clear, given the huge success of Cafe Amadeus’s fun-filled event.  Harry Potter Day was a great opportunity for students and members of the Indiana community to come together and share a truly magical experience.


[Photo by Jennifer Brice]

Photo caption: Senior Emma Stossel shared a moment with Professor Severus Snape at Café Amadeus.

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IHS seniors take advantage of internship program


By JORIE MEIL-Seniors at IHS are given the opportunity to get a jump start on their futures by participating in the senior career seminar internship program.

Senior career seminar grants students the chance to take part in internships that will give them a taste of the career they are planning on going into. This program will help participating students make decisions for their future, as well as give them experience that can aid them in their career paths.

Students can either partake in internships through the school district at one of the other district schools, or they can arrange for their own internships at other institutions.   

This year there are eight students participating in this program. Leo Lezzer is interning for technology, Hannah Smith is taking part in a medical internship, and Hannah Uschock is interning for Sherene Hess at the commissioner’s office at the county courthouse.

Jill Black, Sarah Gunter, Kristen Forrester, Taylor Sebring, and Jordan Raible are all participating in education internships within the district.

Many of this year’s students are participating in an education internship within the school district. These students want to go into some branch of education as their future careers. By participating in the senior career seminar the five students who are interning for education get to work with teachers in their classrooms every day to get a feel of what they will get to do in their future.

“We get real interaction with children instead of learning about these interactions,” says Black.

The other three students are participating in internships they set up all by themselves. Senior career seminar offers countless opportunities for students who want to go into all fields.

Uschock says, “It is my goal to major in Political Science starting in college next year, and I believe what I’m learning right now will help me the rest of my life.” Uschock believes that this program is highly beneficial to anyone wanting to go into government, and she even offered her help to any prospective student who would like to set up an internship like her’s.

While the school district sets up the education internships, if students want to intern for something else they must set up the internships themselves, and this has not shown to be a problem for many students.  

The student internship program has proved beneficial for many students in the past, and this year’s students see it the exact same way. Raible says, “I think this is very beneficial because it gives education students the chance to be able to do what the teachers do, to give a chance to see if this is what one wants to do in the future.”

These eight students are taking advantage of an amazing opportunity that is given to them by the school. Wishing them the best of luck with their internships this year and their future careers.


[Photo credit Jorie Meil]

Photo Caption: “Seniors Jill Black and Jordan Raible are getting extra experience in the classroom for their education internships”

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Teddy Bear Fund Drive has another record year


By AUTUMN HAZELET – Teddy Bear Fund Drive has another record year. This year, the Indiana Area Senior High School broke its own record for the largest single contribution to the Teddy Bear Fund Drive. Surpassing any and all expectations, the grand total for 2016 was over $7,000 more than that of 2015.  

The Student Government Association at IHS, sponsored by history teacher Michael Bertig, raised $20,700 during the holiday season through a variety of fundraising activities in and around the senior high.  Bertig has coordinated the TBFD fundraising for the past nine years, and each year has brought new activities and events that continue to raise more and more funds for the charity.

The students involved in SGA put in a great deal of time and energy to help make the event a success year after year. “We hold the Trick-or-Trot 5K, bake sales, sell popcorn, arrange Activity Day, a raffle, the fundraiser at Hoss’s, and the Chipotle fundraiser.” says senior Yasmin Ali.  “We also collect donations at sporting events, and the senior class ran hot chocolate sales after school.”

Activity Day features the teacher-student Variety Show on the last day of school before winter break, a favorite by far for both the students in the audience and those bravely participating.  

“Activity Day is my favorite event because the whole day is dedicated to engaging the students in contributing to TBFD,” adds Ali, an overall chair for TBFD, along with fellow senior Alex Fefolt.

Having raised locally more than $100,000 overall for the fourth straight year, the 37th Teddy Bear Fund Drive, sponsored by Renda Broadcasting, was once again a major success and holds even more promise for the years to come giving hope to countless children in need.

SGA President and senior Margaux Marcus agrees stating, “Teddy Bear Fund Drive gets the entire school involved in a charity that benefits kids just like them but are less fortunate.  I think it shows kids just how lucky they really are and that they should take a step back and be thankful for that.”

Marcus continues, “All of the money is going to the IRMC Pediatrics Unit and Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh,” expressing her utmost gratitude to the school and community for helping them to help others. “It’s great that the whole community gets involved and all of the work is worth it.”  

And there is certainly a lot of work.  SGA continuously puts in innumerable hours of hard work and relentless effort for this great cause. So many of the students, teachers, and IHS staff prove to be beyond eager for the opportunity to donate whatever they can to the TBFD and help the local children in need.


[Photo by Autumn Hazelet]

Photo caption: Senior SGA members Julia Bell and Preethi Soundararajan display the t-shirts for this year’s Teddy Bear Fund Drive.


“Around the World in Eight Plays” to debut on IHS stage


By MIA LENZI – IHS brings a new element to the drama department by introducing “Director Murphy.” Spanish teacher Dan Murphy chose the play, Around The World in Eight Plays by Patrick Greene for the winter show, and there is much anticipation for a great deal of entertainment on show nights.

Sr. Murphy returns to the director’s chair for the first time in several years to direct the show, adding his own unique element to the drama department. The show play will be performed tonight and tomorrow night, January 13-14, at 7:00 p.m. Tickets are five dollars at the door.

The show features eight different plays, each taking the audience to a different part of the world. Cast members are looking forward to the comedic and globally diverse show with junior Abby Colonna stating, “I am excited to be a part of this show, and to be working with this great cast. This is the first play I have been cast in, so I am extremely excited. I think that Mr. Murphy directing the show is going to be an interesting opportunity for the cast to work with a different director. So far, Mr. Murphy has shown excellent technique in his directing role.”

Murphy has tried to include many students, “I wanted to involve as many actors from as many grades as possible,” in order to make the humorous and absurd show a wonderful transition into musical season. The strangeness and diversity of the show is what most appealed to Murphy during his show hunt.

Each actor has been assigned multiple characters to help them step out of their comfort zones, which is one of Murphy’s biggest goals. “For me this is the largest cast I’ve ever directed,” stated Murphy.  The usual two act show is Murphy’s forté, so as a result, not only are the actors out of their comfort zones, but the director is as well.

Freshman Alyssa McLaine also makes her debut on the IHS stage in the show. “All of the cast and crew are very enjoyable to work with. Everyone really supports each other,” states an enthusiastic McLaine.

Stage managing the show is junior Jacqueline Sprenger. Sprenger, who makes her debut as stage manager commented, “Stage managing is a whole new experience for me, and I don’t really know what to expect. I hope the show turns out well, but only time can tell.”

Along with the first timers, there are many drama veterans participating in the show. Junior cast member and veteran of several shows, Maeve Morris comments, “This show is going to be a blast! Sr. Murphy put together a great cast and crew. I know everyone will try their hardest to make this play one of the best ever at Indiana High School.”

The show promises a great deal of humor and absurdity. Most importantly it represents various folk tales from eight different cultures so, be sure to go and see the winter show and support all the students making their way around the world in just eight plays.