Indiana Area Senior High School

By JUSTIN REESE – Anyone who has ever met Kaylee Becker-George would agree that she is a well-rounded jack-of-all-trades that seems to know a little about everything.

Kaylee has been a staff member for two years on the High Arrow and was a member of the Crimson Arrow staff for one year at the Junior High.

As a reporter, Kaylee wrote very influential pieces like her coverage on the unearthed High Arrow copies from the 1940s in which she described the conditions and daily life of a high school student in WWII. 

Her favorite part about being a member of the High Arrow was being able to interact with the staff, “Everyone on the staff was so nice,” said Becker-George regarding her fellow staff members.

As a member of the Science Club, she placed first at the PJAS competition two years in a row. Kaylee also assisted the Drama Club in two of their productions 

Outside of academics and the High Arrow, Kaylee can be found playing the bass drum, tenors, and snare with the Indiana Senior High Marching band, where she met some of her best friends and had the most memorable experiences. She also has dedicated her time to working for Giant Eagle. In her spare time, she sinks her time into playing video games like Skyrim, Minecraft, and Spider-Man. 

Her fondest memory of High School was when “M. Dykun put on a beret and played the accordion during French class.” Kaylee is a devout student of French.

Kaylee will be missed greatly by Mr. Nath and the High Arrow staff as she moves on to attend the Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s Honors College this fall to study Social Studies Education and minoring in French. She is even considering double majoring in History. After college, she hopes to get a job teaching and possibly obtaining a Master’s degree as well.

Kaylee would like to give underclassmen and incoming staff members the following advice: “…just keep going. It’s going to be hard, and stressful, and sometimes it may feel like it’ll never end, but it will and it will be worth it. Keep your chin up, your crown doesn’t belong on the ground.”


Justin Reese

Associate Editor

Justin is a senior and a third-year reporter for the High Arrow. He is a member of leadership, enjoys acting, and campaigning for local political candidates. He strives to hold himself to a high standard of unbiased and fact-based reporting.