Indiana Area Senior High School

By SYDNEY BRICE – If you have ever had a political debate in the senior high, I’m sure it was with Justin Reese. 

During his three years on staff at the High Arrow, Justin has made an impact on many that are around him. He has written articles that have made people think in a different way and became associate editor in his senior year.

Justin stated, “Talking to Mr. Nath and the rest of the staff about current events and music was the highlight of my day throughout my entire high school career.”

He has dedicated his time here at IHS to getting involved in as much as he could. He has been involved in many different clubs. Along with Journalism, he has been a part of Sendracs, IHS Democrats Club, International Thespian Society, and IHS Leadership.

Throughout his time at IHS, Justin has been able to make amazing memories. Justin said, “My fondest memory is preparing for Mini-Thon my entire senior year and seeing it come together and raise so much for an amazing cause. Being with my classmates and seeing the reveal is a moment I’ll never forget.”

Justin has been a friend to many at the high school. “Justin has always been a close friend of mine, but in journalism, he was a leader and mentor,” expressed Ethan Black, “To be in high school and maintain several leadership positions, while also being heavily involved in local and federal government is inspiring, and I think people should realize Justin’s work ethic.”

Throughout his time here at the high school, Justin has stayed politically involved and has shown people the importance of staying active. With hopes to one day hold public office and live in the Pacific Northwest, he will be attending Indiana University majoring in Political Science and getting a minor in Pre-Law. 

Justin would like underclassmen to know that, “you are capable of much more than what people tell you that you are. Be bold, gutsy, and do what you feel is right.”


Sydney Brice


Sydney is a senior and a first-year reporter for the High Arrow. She enjoys playing golf and lacrosse. She is excited to be a reporter for the school.