Indiana Area Senior High School

By KARA SOMERVILLE- Girls golf is one of the many sports that IHS has to offer. This year they faced challenges and made new memories for this year’s golf season. 


 Being a part of a team means you are a part of a family. You are there for eachother no matter what. Senior Ally Conrad stated “I love being a team and playing with a bunch of different people every day.”


 Junior Emily Teacher added to this by saying “It was always fun being on the team, it’s never a dull moment, from having fun on the rides to away matches, to playing together in practice. It is always fun.” 


Junior Maddie Apjok expressed “The team feels like family, everyone is so nice and we always have fun.” and “I really liked how everyone is friends with each other and if you need anything they will always be there for you.”


Just like any sports team, they did face some challenges, but they overcame them. Some difficulties were simply physical challenges, and then there were mental challenges. Teacher claimed “One of the biggest challenges I faced was that I had a few ribs popped out of place and had to learn to do things a little differently.” Conrad stated “A challenge that we faced was thinking we were the worst in the section because we never really took things seriously, but we ended up beating our number one rival, Penn Trafford.” Even though the team thought they weren’t good enough, they worked together and achieved amazing results.


During the golf season there are many opportunities for events to become favorites. Conrad’s favorite part of the season was “definitely taking the freshmen into our team and showing them everything.” Teacher’s favorite part was “the brass ring. It’s not really a match or practice, but we all look forward to it the entire season. It’s a nice way of saying bye to our seniors and congratulating us on our season.”


 Teacher claimed “I worked hard and focused on what I needed to fix and had a lot of fun with the members on the golf team on and off the golf course.” Overall, the girls had an amazing season. The students and staff at IHS can not wait to see what they can accomplish next year.

[Photo credit: Erik Puskar]


Photo Caption; “Junior Emily Teacher taking a swing”