Indiana Area Senior High School

Mini-Thon sponsors cuts for a cause

By CHRISTIAN BROWN Last year during IHS MiniTHON, twelve students cut and donated their hair for the cause. This year, you too can be one of them. Students can pick up a form outside of room 101 to volunteer to get their haircut at MiniTHON this year.   MiniTHON benefits The Four Diamonds Fund, which is […]

Indiana sees a sudden rise in COVID cases in recent weeks

BY TEAGAN MERRIMAN – With the imminent return of students to IUP and IHS comes the imminent rise of COVID cases.  In the two week period between October 7-20, the county has seen 169 new cases, 33 of which have come from students at IUP.  There have been multiple confirmed cases within the school district […]

Hybrid learning continues through the second quarter

By MAGGIE MEDVETZ – Don’t retire the sweatpants and t-shirts quite yet; hybrid learning is continuing into the second quarter and many students feel prepared despite the challenges.   While there are disadvantages to the hybrid model, students have found ways to work around them and be successful while they are learning at home.  Keeping this […]

Face masks: Are yours effective?

By ADELINE LOYAL – While many things have changed since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, some changes have been significantly more apparent in the everyday lives of students. One of these many changes is the mask mandate. Students at IHS are required to wear a mask to school. But are some masks more effective […]

Vaccine progress for coronavirus and what to expect in the near future

By MADISON PALMER– If you are wondering when the arrows in the hallways, distanced desks, required mask wearing, and lunch in the gym are going to be a thing of the past, you are certainly not alone.  Vaccine research continues and government officials release new information every day.   Based on what health officials are saying, […]

Are mask breaks either safe or useful for students?

By MICHAEL JADZAK – A lot of discussion has been made about this COVID-19 affected school year, and how it all is going to play out. With the pandemic still threatening to close down the school, many are asking if it’s really safe for students to take mask breaks. Mask breaks were brought in this […]

Students’ learning is affected in many ways by hybrid and asynchronous models

By KIARA DONOFRIO –  As the pandemic continues, schools find different ways to teach students. In accordance with CDC guidelines, students have to social distance six feet apart and wear masks.  Online learning prevents students from being exposed to the virus during their time at school.  The Indiana Senior High school has two options for […]

Marching band navigates a COVID-19 season

By KAYLEE BECKER-GEORGE – Marching Band was one of the first activities to get the “go ahead” this school year, and had to set a precedent for the other sports to come.  Band camp started on August 10, and returning veterans found the band camp they knew had been changed drastically. Students wore masks at […]

IHS welcomes students back in a hybrid model

By ADRIANA GUTH-BOROWSKI – On September 8, IHS welcomed back students in a hybrid model to provide a safe, social distanced environment.  Students with last name A-L attend class in-person on Monday and Tuesday. The remaining students attend on Thursday and Friday, with Wednesday being online for all students. The new learning style requires students […]

30 things to do other than stare at a phone: How IHS is spending quarantine

By INDIA KRUG – Remember what we all told ourselves when quarantine started?  That we were going to deep clean our houses, get all of our work done, start a new project.  Soon, we realized that was all a pipe dream and as the days in quarantine increased, so did our screen time.  Well I’m […]