Indiana Area Senior High School

By ADRIANA GUTH-BOROWSKI – On September 8, IHS welcomed back students in a hybrid model to provide a safe, social distanced environment. 

Students with last name A-L attend class in-person on Monday and Tuesday. The remaining students attend on Thursday and Friday, with Wednesday being online for all students. The new learning style requires students to adapt to being in an online synchronous class through Google Meets. 

“I think I have adapted pretty well,” stated sophomore Anna Failor. “Having the experience of online school last spring has definitely helped me prepare for this year. I actually really enjoy the hybrid way of learning. Even though Google meets can be difficult at times, I have found a lot of benefits from learning the hybrid way. I feel a lot more rested and ready for class, and my anxiety from school has been cut down a lot.”

Teachers have to teach both online and in-person students simultaneously. This requires the implementation of new techniques to better suit the new learning format. 

¨I have had to change everything I do,” said Mrs. Erin King, an English teacher at IHS. ¨Specifically, I do a lot of think-pair-share, and I do a lot of small group discussions with students moving around the room. This year I can’t do that due to obvious safety reasons.”

¨…After 15 years of teaching I definitely had a style and rhythm, and this year I feel like a brand new teacher in a lot of ways just because I have to do it all differently. It’s not bad, it’s just different. I’ll get creative. I figured out this week how to do group work. I have had to dip my toe in the water in order to see if things would work logistically.”

The new learning format has allowed for more flexibility than before. Students are able to stay safe at home, while still getting a live Google Meet class. 

“The new style of learning has a lot of changes, but the flexibility is probably my favorite aspect,” stated junior Avery Olenchick. ¨I enjoy the flexibility of being at home to learn in my own way and feel comfortable. I also enjoy learning mostly online with the two in person days so that I can see my friends – socially distanced of course – and get one on one help, but still be able to learn safely at home. All in all, I love this system.” 

The school requires students to have masks on at all times, excluding lunch and designated mask break areas. In addition, desks and lunch tables are spaced six feet apart. Hallways are one-way only in order to keep students spread out.  

Although challenging, the students and teachers of IHS are, so far, making this system work.

[Photo by Erik Puskar] 

Photo Caption: “Senior Dexter Froud learns in class while social distancing.” 

Adriana Guth-Borowski

Editor In Chief

Adriana is a senior and editor in chief during her fourth year of journalism. She enjoys taking journalism classes at IUP and is excited to provide the community with factual news reporting.