Indiana Area Senior High School

By MICHAEL JADZAK – A lot of discussion has been made about this COVID-19 affected school year, and how it all is going to play out. With the pandemic still threatening to close down the school, many are asking if it’s really safe for students to take mask breaks.

Mask breaks were brought in this year so students don’t have to spend seven hours breathing in their own air. COVID-19 is making a huge mark in the development of student safety measures. However, we all need some fresh air every once in a while.        

Mask breaks are normally taken in the classroom, a room near your classroom, or outside if the weather is cooperative. Usually the rooms are empty or have a few other students in the room, but is this the safest solution to taking mask breaks?

There are many reasons for students to be taking mask breaks: difficulty breathing, strings around the ears might hurt, or the mask could smell after being worn for a long period of time. These are some of the valid reasons students value mask breaks.

Freshman Jack Julin has a negative point of view on mask breaks. “Mask breaks are kinda defeated by things like lunch, I have yet to see a person use it [during lunch], and you’re still breathing the same air inside the school.”

Sophomore Lilly English feels differently about taking mask breaks, a bit more unsure about them stating,. “I feel as though mask breaks are safe to take only once in a while.”

Not having a very positive feeling about mask breaks, Freshman Trey Adams said, “The mask breaks we are allowed don’t get seem to get used often by students or teachers.”

As students get used to the mask rules this year, and as the school year heads quickly toward the colder weather, many students are left asking if mask breaks are safe or even useful. IHS students have many opinions about them, but nevertheless, are learning to adapt to them.  After all, wearing masks all day at school won’t be going away anytime soon.

[Photo By Jack Julin]

Photo Caption: “Freshman Trey Adams takes a brief break from wearing a mask all day at school.”


Michael Jadzak


Michael is a freshman and a first-year reporter for the High Arrow. He loves to play video games and enjoys watching the Penguins, Steelers, and Pirates. He is excited to be a part of the High Arrow staff this year.