Indiana Area Senior High School

Students volunteer through ‘Young Democrats’

By INDIA KRUG – Teenagers often feel as if their outlet to create change is limited.  However, IHS students are making waves with the Indiana County Young Democrats. Blue waves, in fact. The idea for the group began earlier this year with IHS alumna Chelsea Jane.

Some IHS students push to change the school mascot

By JORIE MEIL- The IHS mascot has recently been under fire from a student lead campaign to change the nickname and mascot from the Indiana Indians to something deemed more politically correct. The appropriateness of the name was brought into question through social media and addressed at recent school board meetings.

Seniors pass on wisdom to freshman

By PARKER KOONS – The senior high school is a large step for students coming from the junior high. Freshmen might feel a bit overwhelmed by entering a new school with fewer lockers, floors, and less hallway space. The seniors at IHS would like to offer some advice to the new freshmen.

Girls Tennis Team swings into new season with fresh lineup

By HANNAH STEELE-  After the entire varsity lineup from last year graduated, the IHS Girls Tennis Team had to construct a new starting roster of girls with a wide range of experience levels.  Beginning with a 2-3 record, the players are off to an ambitious and enthusiastic start.

Welcome back IHS!!

Welcome back!  The High Arrow sincerely wishes each and every student at IHS a great school year.  We are excited to be back and look forward to providing everyone a student-run news organization that we can all be proud of. Alma Mater Sing a song of Indiana, school we love so well: Of our noble […]

Graduation is right around the corner

By DYLAN LATORE – Seniors, can you feel that feeling in the air? That wispy, light feeling of freedom coming closer and closer? It’s now at the point where seniors at IHS have less than a week until their departure off into the world. With the first warm days blessing our town, it’s almost as […]

IHS group wins gold medal in annual National History Day

By JUSTIN REESE – On April 6, five students from IHS participated in the National History Day regional competition at IUP, winning a gold medal and moving onto the state-wide competition held in Carlisle, PA on May 11. The students stayed overnight to compete against students from all across the state. After putting a great […]

IHS says farewell to two familiar faces

By HANNAH STEELE- Students graduate and move on from IHS every year, but teachers stay and make it possible for these students to succeed in life.  Now, it’s time for the roles to be reversed and for the students to say goodbye to the teachers. As the school year winds down to an end, so […]