Indiana Area Senior High School

By PARKER KOONS The senior high school is a large step for students coming from the junior high. Freshmen might feel a bit overwhelmed by entering a new school with fewer lockers, floors, and less hallway space. The seniors at IHS would like to offer some advice to the new freshmen.

Brandon Gunsallus, a senior who is a part of the marching band, would like to remind all freshmen to “walk on the right side of the hallway.” As students go through the years, they begin following some unspoken rules; one of them being that you walk on the right side of the hall to keep the flow of traffic from grinding to a halt.

Senior Ben Van Wieren offers the advice to, “Make sure you keep a healthy sleep schedule and eat a good breakfast.” When students begin their schooling at the senior high, some might start losing sleep due to homework and studying. Eating a good breakfast is important for students to jump start their day and give them some much needed energy.  

Tian Schiera, a senior who participates in Science Club activities, reminds freshmen, “Don’t take your time in high school for granted and break out of your comfort zone.” While some students may not be able to wait to say goodbye to the senior high, just remember that time goes by faster then people think. High school is a time to make new memories, try new things, and make lifelong friends.

Mrs. King, a 12th grade English teacher, would like to offer the most important advice she can. “Don’t stand in the middle of the hallway.” Standing in the hallway isn’t a good idea, so just keep moving and follow the traffic patterns.

Trying out these steps will help freshmen learn the ways of the high school, and they might find that upperclassmen will be less grumpy in the hallways on the way to 6th period.


[Photo by Parker Koons]

Photo Caption: “Senior Sequoiah Rhoades helps freshman Hope Cook to find a book in the school library.”

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Parker Koons

Parker is a senior and has been on the High Arrow staff for four years. His favorite part about journalism is interacting with people he might not normally talk to.