Indiana Area Senior High School

By DYLAN LATORE – Seniors, can you feel that feeling in the air? That wispy, light feeling of freedom coming closer and closer? It’s now at the point where seniors at IHS have less than a week until their departure off into the world. With the first warm days blessing our town, it’s almost as if something clicked in the unanimous minds of our class.

The end is near, and I have never been happier to say it. Other seniors are feeling the joy as well; Rocco Fanella described the feeling as, “Absolutely unreal. It’s really hard to believe that we are finally done. It’s been a great experience growing up with all my classmates, and I look forward to graduating with them as well.”

If you’re anything like me, I split up my school year into key events. Such as Homecoming, THON, Track Season, etc. At this point in time, there are really only two big ones left: Prom and Graduation (and the senior trip mixed in). To even wrap my mind around that is difficult. It still does not feel like we are really done. When you look forward to something for over seven years it becomes hard to believe when it actually happens. Senior Kevin Froggatt went as far as calling this, “the longest month of his life.” Froggatt also shared his excitement toward, “starting college, and a new chapter in my life. As well as getting to be on my own for the first time.”

With graduation comes the sweet taste of freedom and the start of Senior Year Summer. Almost everyone is planning a senior trip. They range everywhere from beach trips to out of country expeditions. IHS is no exception to the post-grad excursions. Senior Brant Newman is most excited, “to get out of here forever, and I’m looking forward to the beach trips this summer.” Going on an unsupervised, week long vacation with your closest friends has the ability to really hammer in the fact of finally being independent. Whether the newfound independence is good or bad, I and most other seniors, are very much looking forward to it.

Passing through Indiana High School has been a very long experience where I changed more as a person than the temperature in March. While I will not miss the daily routine of high school, I certainly will never forget it. Every year in the school marked a different chapter in my life. I was able to learn from mistakes and grow from them, and even pick up a bit of academic information along the way. I wish all the seniors the best in the endeavors, and will likely continue the graduation process with many of them as an IUP 2020 graduate.



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