Indiana Area Senior High School

By BROOKE BOYER- The end of October is nearing, which means Halloween is quickly approaching! Scary movies, quirky costumes, and heaps of delicious free candy– what could possibly be more fun?

Of course, high school students take advantage of the sweet treats that come with the occasion on October 31. After all, there’s only one day per year to eat as much free candy as physically possible. Although this narrow selection does not nearly account for the vast variety of candy, these ten popular choices sum up the major favorites within the high school.

Reese’s Cups : The chocolate and peanut butter duo of Reese’s Cups definitely seems to be a big hit among the students of IHS. “I only like Reese’s Cups, and that’s pretty much it,” stated Junior Elias Sutfin. Reese’s Cups are not, however, loved by those with peanut allergies. 

Skittles : IHS students really enjoy the taste of the rainbow. With flavors ranging from strawberry to green apple and categories from sour to tropical, the variety is endless. Because there are so many options, there is something for everyone.

Kit-Kats : The crunchy, crispy wafers coated in chocolate are truly irresistible. “My favorite candy is Kit-Kats because I love all types of chocolate,” said senior Yasmine Bonatch. “Have a break” and enjoy a Kit Kat this Halloween season!

Twix : Although the debate between left and right twix is definitely a strong one, it can’t be denied that Twix are delicious overall. “The cookie and the caramel is just all around fire,” said sophomore Nathan Petro about his favorite candy.

Snickers : The popular Snickers chocolate bar is without a doubt a fan favorite. Eat a Snickers, because as the slogan states, “You’re not you when you’re hungry.”

Starbursts : These chewy, sweet, and “unexplainably juicy” square candies are another favorite. However, everyone knows that the pink starbursts are by far the best, and that the orange and yellow starbursts are pretty much neglected. You’ll be tasting these forever while they’re stuck in your teeth!

Sour Patch Kids : Tangy and sweet, this candy is also loved among many students. Even though they claim to be sour, they are really just covered in sugar.

Twizzlers : These fruity twists may be difficult to chew, but the taste definitely makes eating them worth it.

Musketeers : No — not the infamous trio in the historical novel.

M&Ms : Biology teacher Mr. Waryck is a big fan of M&Ms, especially with almonds. “Candy with almonds would have to be my favorite–candied almonds, M&M almonds, anything with almonds.”

While there are certainly many other candies that have not been mentioned, these are the top ten most-loved. Have a fun and safe Halloween, and eat lots of sugar!


[Photo by Jorie Meil]

Photo Caption: Junior Courtnay Leydic enjoys a king size Heath bar during her lunch period.


Brooke Boyer

Brooke is a junior and this is her first year as a reporter on The High Arrow staff. She joined journalism in hopes of informing and entertaining peer readers within IHS.