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Haloween Deja Boo

By ADRIANA GUTH-BOROWSKI – It is Halloween month, and one thing everyone looks forward to is the nostalgia that comes with watching old Halloween movies.

The reruns have started and according to a recent survey, the students of IHS have some fan favorites. Students look back to their childhood when it comes to picking the movie, with numerous people preferring the Halloweentown series, It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, Hocus Pocus, and Ghostbusters.

Overall favorite movies were a toss up between It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown and the Halloweentown series. Many turn to Charlie Brown when looking for some much needed fall and Halloween childhood memories. Junior Grant Minnick stated, “It is a classic. Charlie Brown is funny, and it always has a good message. They are super innocent, so they are perfect for families.”


When it comes to Halloweentown, many watch this series during Disney Channel’s countdown to Halloween special. This iconic movie follows Marnie and her quest to Halloweentown, on a path of self-discovery about her witch genes. Sophomore Lauren Berezansky said, “I like watching the characters grow up because there are so many sequels. Also, It’s a Disney movie, and Disney movies are the best.”

For a little bit of mischief, some turn towards Hocus Pocus. This Halloween classic follows two teenagers and a little girl on their journey to destroy three resurrected witches. Junior Emma Zuzek stated, “It’s very nostalgic. I love watching it! It’s a very cute and quirky movie. It is perfect to watch around Halloween time.”

When it comes to ghost movies around Halloween time, there is only one movie to call – Ghostbusters, the award-winning movie, follows four people attempting to eradicate evil ghosts. This classic 80’s movie always seems to lift people into the Halloween mood. Sophomore Ceci Sherwood stated, “It’s just one of those childhood movies. I love Bill Murray. The new one is good, but the old one is so classic. I love the old-timey feel of it because it shows how far we have come in filmmaking.”

There were also many other student favorites including The Addams Family, Halloween, and Twitches. All of these movie throwbacks are must watches that are guaranteed to provide the proper amount of hype for Halloween.


[Photo by Adriana Guth-Borowski]

Photo Caption: “Sophomores Avery Redd (right) and Ceci Sherwood, get into the Halloween spirit by watching the classic Ghostbusters movie.”

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