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Halloween Cost Cliches

By PARKER KOONS – Every year when Halloween rolls around all the little kids in every neighborhood get dressed up in costumes, it is not uncommon for some costume ideas to be seen multiple times. 

This year will most likely be no different, and people are bracing themselves for the torrential downpour of unoriginal bandwagon costumes that will be (as always) present.

“This year it’s gonna be Wonder Woman, Trump, and Pennywise. I hate when people are unoriginal and hop on the bandwagon,” commented junior Ella Spadafora on what she thinks this year’s overused costumes will be.

With the recent popularity and success of the films Wonder Woman and It, there will undoubtedly be some armored Amazonians and red-headed demon clowns galavanting down the streets this Halloween. And, of course, anything Disney is always a sure bet.

Also, with the enormous amount of social media attention about Trump since his inauguration, there will definitely be some different versions of him strolling up and down the road. Also, junior Grant Minnick “It’s definitely going to be Pennywise and Georgie from It.”

All and all, this Halloween season will also see many repeats from last year including Harley Quinn. Harley Quinn is from last year’s popular movie Suicide Squad, which followed the story of a group of criminals. Also present will be the fan favorite Darth Vader, one of the main antagonists in the original Star Wars trilogy.

While some people are definitely in agreeance with Spadafora’s statement, senior Maeve Morris says, “If you wanna dress as Donald Trump, do it.”


[Photo by Anthony Lubold]

Photo Caption: Disney themed costumes are among the most common seen each Halloween. The seven dwarves made an appearance at Disney Day hosted by the IHS Drama Department from left to right, in the first row Sydney Shearer, Kenzi Kessler, and Katie Kane; in the back row Kelsey Heckert, Kara Gibbon, Nabeeha Affan, and Shreya Bharadwaj. 

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