Indiana Area Senior High School

By CALEIGH CESSNA – It’s no secret that the overarching environment of this school year has been focused on the pandemic. 

Students have missed out on important moments that many look forward to such as Homecoming, Prom, football and hockey games, and the Teddy Bear Fund Drive talent show. Of course, each grade has endured challenges this school year. Which grade do IHS students think had pandemic adjustments the worst?

“I would say probably the seniors,” said sophomore Destiny Brewer, “ they were so close, and used to the way it was.” Despite this, Brewer believes that every student has struggled with this transition. “Online absolutely did not work for me… The school has done pretty well. At first, it was crazy with the tape arrows and everything, now it feels like second nature.”

Many other students agree that all grades have struggled including senior Dominic Groman. “Our grade missed out on many dances compared to the rest of the grades so far,” Groman said, “but it personally isn’t a competition on who has had it worse.”

Senior Clayton Weaver say that the class of 2020 had the worst time because of the unknowns, “I think the shut down took everyone by surprise… the seniors the year ahead of me had it the worst. They were just getting to the fun part of their last year when everything went totally different than they expected.”

Still, despite the hardship each grade has faced, many students continue to praise IHS’s efforts to keep students safe and engaged. “I appreciate all the work everyone is putting in, from Leadership to Ambassadors to sports teams. Also, all the faculty are working really hard, whether it be teachers, coaches, administrators, counselors, or janitors. This year is definitely different, but it’s still been a fun and meaningful learning journey,” stated Weaver. 

[Photo by Caleigh Cessna]

Photo caption: “Senior Rebecca Fries attends her Spanish class virtually from within the IDEAL Lab.”

Caleigh Cessna


Caleigh is a senior and a first-year reporter for the High Arrow. She enjoys being a member of the Science and Eco Clubs. She looks forward to providing our school community with factual news.