Indiana Area Senior High School

By INDIA KRUG – The IHS Student Government Association has had another triumphant year fundraising for the Teddy Bear Fund Drive, which benefits the Pediatrics Unit at Indiana Regional Medical Center and the Free Care Fund at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.  The committee was chaired by seniors Hanna Contrucci, Sarah Denver, and Harley Kessler and has raised $6,400 so far. 

Senior Harley Kessler, who serves as SGA President commented, “I am really pleased with the way everything turned out. The students were more involved than they’ve ever been, and everybody truly came together for a good cause. Hana Contrucci and Sarah Denver really went out of their way to make things go smoothly, and they spent a lot of their personal time organizing things for TBFD.”

A range of modes for fundraising were used, including popcorn and candy sales during the school day, local business sponsorships, donations jars throughout the community, and a Chipotle restaurant fundraiser. 

Denver shared, “My favorite part about fundraising for our annual Teddy Bear Fund Drive is the popcorn and cotton candy sales.  It is one of the biggest fundraisers we do, considering we do sales the entire month of December. It’s worth the wait each and every year to get a tasty treat and help a great cause.”

Activity Day and the IHS Variety Show are also big events in support of TBFD.  They occur the day before the holiday break begins, with students able to attend the Variety Show in the morning and participate in an afternoon activity.  

An array of talented students, from singers to violinists to comedians, perform for their classmates.  Then, students donate in order to enjoy the remaining hours of school in an activity such as the Science Olympics or Open Gym.  This year was particularly successful, with more students deciding to come and support the Variety Show than any year in the past.

Senior and Variety Show co-host Danny Lee said, “Being a host for the Variety Show was a lot of fun.  Every year it’s something students look forward to and I was really glad to be a part of it.  TBFD is such an important fundraiser and I’m proud that our school is able to have fun while raising money for something so great.” The other co-hosts were seniors Taylor Lang and Harley Kessler.

The students of IHS unified in a very beautiful way, excitement growing with each donation.  The Teddy Bear Fund Drive is an incredible opportunity for the school community to work towards bettering Indiana County. 

[Photo by Erik Puskar]

Photo Caption: “Senior Abby Walker entertained the crowd by singing and playing the guitar in this year’s Variety Show.”

India Krug

India is a senior and joined The High Arrow because journalism matters.  Since joining the staff three years ago, she has written many articles, including opinions, has made a lot of friends, and has grown to adore Bob Woodward.