Indiana Area Senior High School

By ADRIANA GUTH-BOROWSKI – Every year, the Christmas spirit fills the air while everyone looks toward to the joys of the holidays. Around Indiana, there are various activities that help to spread holiday cheer. 

The It’s a Wonderful Life Parade, although it occurs in November, helps to kick off the holiday season with Christmas music and decorations. During every weekend in December,  IRMC park holds an It’s a Wonderful Life Festival where people can shop at various vendors, visit Santa Claus, and take pictures near the Christmas tree. 

“My favorite part of the parade is hanging out with people I care about and watching the tree get lit. Also, drinking hot cocoa during the parade is great. It’s the only parade where our whole community comes together,” said junior Chloe Hunter. “The parade has so much Christmas spirit with the colder weather, the lights being lit up, and the music.”

Along with the park, walking down Philadelphia street always helps to spark joy. The various decorations and lights provide a warming feeling during the cold winter months.  

“The lights make me feel very Christmas-y like Santa Claus is coming,” commented senior Jojo Lin. 

Another way to warm up is by stopping in at the infamous coffee shop, Cafe Amadeus. Sipping hot cocoa while watching the cars pass on a snowy day never fails to instill the holiday spirit. 

“I love the atmosphere of Cafe Amadeus. It’s nice to sit near the window sipping good coffee while looking out at Philly Street during Christmas time,” expressed senior Owen Morris. 

Here at IHS, the Student Government Association provides holiday decorations in the upper commons. Along with the decorations, they also put on the Teddy Bear Fun Drive throughout the month of December. Before break, the Teddy Bear Fund Drive Variety Show, organized by Mr. Nath, presents students with various festive acts. 

“It’s the last day of school before Christmas break, and I like that we get to do fun activities before having two weeks of no school,” stated junior Silas Schiera. “My favorite part of the show is watching the rap battle and the teacher collaboration.” 

Perhaps the best thing to do in Indiana County is to buy a Christmas tree with family. Living in the Christmas tree capital of the world provides everyone in town a strong sense of community when purchasing a tree. This will never fail to put everyone into the spirit. 

The Christmas spirit is strong in Indiana. Each year the community can feel a sense of unity as joy is spread from person to person. Everyone should try to get into the joy of the holiday. 

[Photo by Adriana Guth-Borowski]

Photo Caption: “Junior Alexis Single gets into the holiday spirit with the SGA Christmas decorations.”


Adriana Guth-Borowski

Adriana is a junior and has been on the High Arrow staff for three years. Her goal is to bring accurate news and other stories to the readers of the High Arrow.