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By KOREY FERRINGER– Apple and Android are the two leading phone manufacturers in the United States. Both companies have good and bad qualities that make them unique. Apple with their constant updates and improvement of their operating system, and Android with their long battery life. Both companies make beautiful phones that appeal to many people.

Before I start to list the goods and bads of both phones, I will explain why I like Apple over Android. I have had both an Android and Apple in my life, and I have noticed that I was missing certain aspects of the Apple when I had an Android; aspects like sending photos by Airdrop, or just the cool design of the phone in general. However, I love the storage and battery life of an Android and all of the ways it can be customized. 

Android phones make up for what they lack in style with function. Androids generally stay on longer without charging than an iPhone. Androids also have more storage than most iPhones. Take the iPhone X for example, it has 64Gb of storage or the other tier has 256Gb. While the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has 512Gb of storage. Android also has a much higher battery life than Apple phones. Sophomore Tyler Pennington said, “I can almost go on forever without charging it [Android phone].” 

Most Androids also come at a much lower price than Apple phones. Sophomore Daimyan Thorpe stated, “I like Android because their phones are usually much cheaper than the price of a new iPhone.”

Like every company, Androids also have negatives, these could include non-consistent updates and, since Android is open for manufacturers to make, they have the choice to pre-install apps that are neither good nor bad.

Apple phones are much more expensive but usually come with apps that only iPhones can use. Senior Kiara Smith said, “I like Apple for their features, like Facetime.”

Apple also has a closed Operating system or OS for short however, Apples is called IOS. Because Apple has a closed OS, they can decide what apps come pre-installed. 

Apple has done a very good job of making sure their old phones are still usable. Senior Alyssa McLaine stated, “I love that Apple is constantly improving their phones.”Apple usually does this by adding a new OS update that will help much older phones like the iPhone 5 or iPhone 4.

Apple isn’t the best company for everyone though, with their recent updates, they must cancel older phone OS’s in order to operate the new phones.

Overall, I prefer the options and usability of the iPhone over the Android models.

[Photo by Korey Ferringer]

Photo caption: Sophomore Daniel Ray scrolling through Snapchat on his iPhone XR.


Korey Ferringer

Korey is a sophomore and is in his second year on the staff. Korey is most concerned that everything in The High Arrow is truthful and to the point.