Indiana Area Senior High School

Hybrid learning continues through the second quarter

By MAGGIE MEDVETZ – Don’t retire the sweatpants and t-shirts quite yet; hybrid learning is continuing into the second quarter and many students feel prepared despite the challenges.   While there are disadvantages to the hybrid model, students have found ways to work around them and be successful while they are learning at home.  Keeping this […]

Vaccine progress for coronavirus and what to expect in the near future

By MADISON PALMER– If you are wondering when the arrows in the hallways, distanced desks, required mask wearing, and lunch in the gym are going to be a thing of the past, you are certainly not alone.  Vaccine research continues and government officials release new information every day.   Based on what health officials are saying, […]

Are mask breaks either safe or useful for students?

By MICHAEL JADZAK – A lot of discussion has been made about this COVID-19 affected school year, and how it all is going to play out. With the pandemic still threatening to close down the school, many are asking if it’s really safe for students to take mask breaks. Mask breaks were brought in this […]