Indiana Area Senior High School

By BROOKE BOYER-  Superintendent Michael Vukovich has numerous technology goals for the school district. He recently launched a new district website that is equipped with a completely new layout, interactive features, and user-friendly aspects. Vuckovich was the lead project consultant in the launch of the new website, and other administrators have contributed by gradually adding content. The social media presence of Indiana Area School District has also become much more prominent through the active use of popular platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

Mr. Vuckovich was inspired to make this change by his belief that it is important to effectively communicate school goals and information. He felt that it was difficult to find information on the previous site, and wanted to make it easier to do so. “We think it is imperative to increase the lines of communication between school and the greater Indiana community. It is crucial to increase our brand and to make the public aware of all the great things happening in the district,” Vuckovich expressed.  

Vuckovich hopes that the new site will be as engaging, informative, and transparent as possible. Students are reminded that the new site is still a work in progress, and patience is necessary during this transformation. So far, however, students have expressed their approval. “I like the design of it. It’s more sleek than the old one was,” stated Senior Liam McDaniel about the new website.

Additionally, Mr. Vuckovich has advocated for a greater use of social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. These platforms are being used in creative ways to get people engaged and aware of the various events occuring in the district. Eye-catching infographics, informative posts, and other approaches have been used to spread awareness about the diverse happenings of Indiana schools.

“It helps get out announcements and helps us be involved in the school by saying what’s happening,” mentioned freshman Mackenzie McGee  about the increased usage of social media.

The advancement of technological resources enables students, teachers, and families to easily obtain information regarding the district. To stay up-to-date on all of the events occurring within the school, check out the new site and social media platforms!

Twitter: @IndianaAreaSD

Facebook: Indiana Area School District


[Photo by Brooke Boyer]

Photo Caption: “Seniors Liam McDaniel and Grace Margita exhibit their excitement about the new district site.”


Brooke Boyer

Brooke is a junior and this is her first year as a reporter on The High Arrow staff. She joined journalism in hopes of informing and entertaining peer readers within IHS.