Indiana Area Senior High School

By ASHLEE GRAHAM On October 14, Leadership held the first annual golf tournament, where all benefits went towards The Four Diamonds Foundation. During the tournament, the 55 participants got to enjoy a day out on the course playing scramble golf and munching on food.

Senior Chase Cunningham stated, “It was very successful for our first annual tournament, there was over $7,000 raised for the Four Diamonds Foundation. The members of Leadership and all of the golfers had a really great time.”

Each team of golfers had a total of four players, playing scramble golf. The players each took a shot and the entire team chose the best shot. They then carried on from that shot, onto the next.

“Golfing in the Mini-THON golf outing was amazing because it’s such a fun way to raise money for the kids. Everyone involved had a great time despite the low temperatures. It was cool to see how many non-students we brought together for such a great cause,” said senior Brandon Boyer.

There were various gifts and prizes, including a basket raffle donated by local area businesses given throughout the course of the day. The winner received a basket donated by Levity that contained numerous gifts and gift cards.

“The outing was a great time,” expressed junior Zach Palko. “I played with Brandon Boyer, Alex Holuta, and Shawn Lamberton.  It was my first golf outing, so I was super excited to take part in a really meaningful event, fundraising for THON. I believe the winning score was a score of 13 under par (57), and our score was only 5 under (65).  Even though we didn’t have the best score there, it was still a blast to go and play a round of golf with my group for such a great cause.”

Leadership would like to give a huge thank you to all of the sponsors that helped make the tournament so successful, as well as Meadow Lanes for making the tournament happen.


[Photo by Brandon Boyer]

Photo Caption: “Seniors Maddie Todd, Katie Conrad, Katie Hagens, and Kira Cunningham sell raffle tickets at the tournament.”


Ashleee Graham

Ashlee is a senior and is a second year reporter for the High Arrow. Her favorite part about journalism is being able to inform the student body about things happening at IHS.