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By MEGHAN RUMMEL – IHS spring sports are starting up for the 2020 season. Sports including baseball, softball, track, boys tennis, rugby, and boys and girls lacrosse are considered spring sports a large number of IHS students participate in these sports each year.

Spring sports are open to all grade levels in the high school, and each participant will perform to the best of their abilities and make IHS proud. 

Freshman Maycie Lorelli is planning to participate in spring track. She plans to do several events including, hurdles, 200-meter dash, long jump, and triple jump. Freshman Jacob Rounfort has also decided to participate in spring track. The events he would like to perform in are the 100-meter dash, the 200-meter dash, the four by one relay, and the long jump. 
This is both Lorelli and Roumfort’s second year of participating in track and only have positive things to say about their experiences.

Freshman Andrew Anderson is joining the baseball team this year. This is his sixth year playing this sport and he plans to continue. What he enjoys most about the sport is, “the fact that I can better myself while also helping my team.” Roumfort adds, “I like to hang out with my friends, but I also like to win and see the team do good as well.”

Anderson’s expectations for this spring season are to “win a lot, if not all of our games because I feel like we have a strong enough team this year to do it.” Lorelli stated, “I expect to improve my personal record for hurdles.” Roumfort also added that “I expect a successful season with a lot of wins.”

These athletes have been doing a great deal to prepare for their sport so that they are sure that they are giving their all. Anderson says, “This season I have been in the weight room a lot and working out at home as well as attending weekly baseball practice.”  Roumfort expressed, “I have been working out and grinding to become faster so that I am ready for the 2020 season.” Lorelli has been running and working out as well.

The IHS track team hasn’t started practice yet, so teammates haven’t had the chance to interact, but Anderson stated that “I think that the baseball team works very well together; we all get along and have a good time.” He also said, “Two players who are going to stand out this season are Sam Barley and Garrison Dougherty. They have been working really hard and have shown the most improvement.”

Overall, all IHS athletes are ready to start the 2020 spring season and they are working their hardest to be the best they can be for their teammates and for IHS. 

[Photo by Andrew Anderson]

Photo Caption: “Rourke Jones is working hard in the fitness center to get ready for the spring sports season.”


Meghan Rummel

Meghan is a freshman and this is her first year on the High Arrow staff. She is excited to write useful and truthful articles.