Indiana Area Senior High School

By JORIE MEIL – On Friday, February 21, women and girls from all over Indiana County gathered at Rustic Lodge for the annual ATHENA leadership forum luncheon hosted by the IHS ATHENA club. The theme of this year’s event was “A Healthy Woman is a Successful Woman.” 

This year’s luncheon had 115 guests from all over the county, ranging from elementary students to adults. IHS students were joined by students from Blairsville and Marion Center as well as female mentors from the community. 

“The luncheon was so amazing this year! The speakers were very inspiring and influential and made me reflect on my own life,” stated sophomore and marketing chair Leah Amsler, “I look forward to the luncheon every year and it always amazes me how so many wonderful and inspiring women can all be in one place at the same time! Not to mention meeting the girls from the other schools is also so much fun!”

The event featured two keynote speakers. The first being Ms. Maddie Sabo, who spoke about the importance of being yourself and networking. The second speaker, Dr. Tammy Manko, related the principles of ATHENA international to our everyday lives and gave tips to living your best life. 

The luncheon gave the students in attendance an opportunity to network and learn from their community mentors. “The ATHENA Luncheon was a definite success! It was very interesting to listen to the speakers and talk to the adults at my table. It was a really inspiring experience and I am really glad that I attended,” expressed sophomore and PR chair Aviana Struzzi. 

The theme of the luncheon this year focused on the importance of mental and physical self-care. It played on the idea that for a woman to be an effective leader they must first be in tune with their bodies and minds. 

“The ATHENA luncheon is always such a wonderful opportunity to empower young women and build connections in our community. The theme this year also brought attention to caring for one’s self which is very important in today’s world,” commented senior and club Treasurer Alyssa McLaine. 

This year’s ATHENA leadership forum luncheon was an overall success and beneficial experience for all in attendance. 

[Photo by Aviana Struzzi]

Photo Caption: Club president Jannah Farag, speakers Maddie Sabo and Dr. Tammy Manko, and Secretary Jorie Meil made significant contributions to the success of the Athena luncheon. 


Jorie Meil

Jorie is a senior co-editor and has been on the High Arrow and is in her fourth year on the staff.  Jorie enjoys being able to inform the public of all goings-on at IHS.