Indiana Area Senior High School

By ADRIANA GUTH-BOROWSKI – Six IHS students are advancing to the Pennsylvania Music Educators Association (PMEA) regional band. 

Seniors Silas Schiera and Alexis Single, juniors Maura Knepper and Logan Rode, and sophomores Olivia Seo and Emma Grim were selected to the regional band and are able to audition for the state level band. 

This year, all auditions are through recorded videos to adapt to COVID-19 restrictions. 

“It is really sad it is online,” said Single, “since part of the experience is meeting people that play the same instrument as you and participating in the band levels, but also it’s understandable given the pandemic circumstances. I think the online video submissions are still good though and I’m enjoying it.”

Musicians selected to state band advance to the PMEA All-State Festival/Conference on April 14 and 15.

“I think it’s awesome that it’s still happening this year in some capacity,” said Schiera. 

“This is only my second year doing it, and I’m glad that I am still able to do it even with coronavirus being a thing. The one part I’m sad about is that we won’t be able to visit other schools and have the in-person mass rehearsals that usually happen.” 

PMEA, founded in 1933, continues to work to provide quality music education throughout Pennsylvania and works as the state branch of The National Association for Music Education. 

“Although PMEA as an organization supports music education in many ways outside of the festivals it hosts,” said Zachery Karcher, PMEA District 3 Vice President, “the music festivals at the district level provide the opportunity for high school students to advance to the region and state levels of the PMEA festival system.”

“There will be no in-person festivals this year.  Virtual ensembles will take place for students who earn spots in one of the PMEA All-State ensembles,” concluded Karcher.

IHS students will be auditioning and working to advance through the PMEA festival system levels. 


[Photo by Alexis Single] 

Photo caption: “Senior Alexis Single works on regional PMEA music.”


Adriana Guth-Borowski

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