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By SHAGUFTA HAQUE – The high school Math Team has started to face challenges like never before due to the physical competitions changing to virtual events.

Getting involved in the IHS Math Team has always been an efficient way to channel the mathematical aptitude of interested students. It is arranged and instructed by Dr. Scott Layden.

Sophomore Luca Cosentino reflects on what the team used to be able to do stating, “Normally, we had miniature competitions done online, and three main competitions (in-person) where we would have to travel to a college across the state.”

The pandemic has forced everyone to make new adjustments, maintaining several safety protocols. Consequently, the math team has had to put a stop to their physical competitions.

One of the most popular of the math events is Math Madness. Dr. Layden sends out a link to the students who then log into the website to compete. Once signed in at the designated time, the students are assigned opponents from other schools. These competitions, individual ones, have eight questions to answer in 30 minutes.

Despite the uncertain circumstances, existing members of the team have managed to see the bright side of things. Junior Carly Wang describes, “If we participated in Math Madness more than once (we have several more rounds if we win against the other school), the website we use has a personal best counter. That way, you can keep in mind what score to try and beat to keep improving yourself!”

Similar to most clubs and teams, the IHS math team is hopeful about striking normalcy sometime soon. Wang recognizes the effort put in commenting, “Dr. Layden is really good at letting us know about the opportunities we have for these competitions, so I guess increased communication could be considered a way we adapted too.”

The team has been known to have successful years in the past. A majority of Indiana students have regularly won several awards for their competence. Along with the attempts to continue that tradition, team members miss the in-person feeling of the events.

Junior Melanie Navaratna comments, “Aside from the competition itself, we’ve been missing the chances to go on those field trips, enjoy lunch with the team, and play games on the bus ride back.”

We can only wish the team the very best of luck, in hopes that they will get back in the math arena stronger and better!

[Photo by Shagufta Haque]

Photo caption: Junior Abby Killam works on a math packet she received at the beginning of the year.

Shagufta Haque


Shagufta is a senior and a first-year reporter for the High Arrow who plays on the high school tennis team, is a member of the Science Club, and enjoys writing more than anything. As a first-year reporter for the High Arrow, she wants to be able to provide others with entertaining and informative articles to read.