Indiana Area Senior High School

By PARKER KOONS –  Folders up and lights on, the All East choir performance happened April 4 through 7.  Seniors Nick Skalican and Katelyn Stossel, and juniors Owen Morris, Lily Boulard, and Amanda Iandiorio participated in the event. Students were chosen from 11 U.S. states, Washington D.C., and some European countries.

There were 327 students in a mixed voice choir directed by Dr. Rollo Dilworth from Temple University. There was another 120 students in a treble choir directed by Dr. Sandra Snow from Michigan State University. Senior Keith Uncapher who attended the concert on April 7th and stated, “I was stunned by each performance and how different both groups sounded. They both had a unique sound. My favorite group was the treble honors choir.”

Mr. Scott Salser, who helped the students from Indiana rehearse for both All East as well as All State, Regions, Districts, and County, said, “The rehearsals were amazing, each of the students commented on how much they were learning and things they had never heard before anywhere else. The sound was like no other choir they had been a part of, and much more rich and mature than even All State choir.”

“It was a fantastic musical and social experience meeting new people from different states and working with the director,” said junior Owen Morris who participated as a tenor in the choir.

The choir gathered and spent time rehearsing and performed at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center.

Congratulations again to seniors Nick Skalican and Kaitlyn Stossel and juniors Lily Boulard, Owen Morris, and Amanda Iandiorio who worked so hard to prove themselves and make the 2019 All East choir as amazing the experience they received by attended and working with Dr. Snow in the treble honors choir and Dr. Dilworth in the mixed voice choir.


[Photo by Scott Salser]

Photo Caption: “Junior Lily Boulard, senior Kaitlyn Stossel, senior Nick Skalican, and junior Owen Morris in front of Veterans Bridge in Pittsburgh.”


Parker Koons

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