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BY MICHAEL JADZAK – Midway through the season, what’s to expect? Are the Pittsburgh Penguins playoff bound?

The NHL has come up with a schedule and a plan for this season due to the COVID-19 lockout that paused the previous NHL season. This involves new divisions that limit travel, for example, The North Division was made and it consists only of Canadian teams, and everyone in that division plays each other and only each other. This is so they don’t have to travel out of Canada and risk of bringing back COVID.

The Penguins have racked up a 24-11-2 record and are keeping things consistent, the playoffs this year will be the top 4 of each division will go into the playoffs. No wild cards or anything. The Penguins are sitting strong at 3rd place in the division, but they aren’t exactly healthy. With an injured Evgeni Malkin, and Teddy Blueger, things are beginning to look dire for the Penguins. 

Other teams around the league are building up potential and are gaining leads in points in their conference and the entire league. Auston Matthews, Connor McDavid, Alex Ovechkin, Brad Marchand, Nathan McKinnon, Sidney Crosby, and many more offensive threats in the league, all battle to keep their head in the game and get their teams in the playoffs. 

I asked a few Penguins fans around our school what they think about the Penguins’ playoff chances and what to expect. Freshman Noah White was asked how far he thinks the Penguins would go in the playoffs, “I think they’ll go all the way and win the Stanley Cup”

Sophomore Michael Dolan was asked if the Penguins have a good shot at making the playoffs, “With the record they have I’m pretty sure they have locked in a spot.”

Freshman Evan Speer was asked who the best player on the Penguins was, he replied confidently with, “Sidney Crosby, he has 39 points in 34 games.”

Not many games left, and very interesting things happening in the league. Just like the Buffalo Sabres ending their 18 game losing streak against the Philadelphia Flyers. Anything can happen, so let’s cheer on the Penguins and get ready for this year’s NHL playoffs.

[Photo courtesy of Pittsburgh Penguins Media]

Photo Caption: “Evgeni Malkin goes in for the celebration after scoring”

Michael Jadzak


Michael is a freshman and a first-year reporter for the High Arrow. He loves to play video games and enjoys watching the Penguins, Steelers, and Pirates. He is excited to be a part of the High Arrow staff this year.