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By MAGGIE MEDVETZ-Starting April 6, 2021, IHS students have been three feet closer to their peers, in a new attendance dynamic that will bring us to the end of the year.

Coming back to school after spring break will look a little different for most students as there will be an increase of students physically in the building four days a week.  Students can also expect to be closer to their classmates as the CDC changed social distancing guidelines for schools from six to three feet.

Three different options are available for students to choose from, as far as coming to school or staying fully synchronous goes.  If students ended the third quarter in the two day hybrid model, they automatically will be considered as going four days a week unless otherwise noted on the parent survey on the district website.  

Another option for students is to remain fully synchronous for the remainder of the year.  The last option for students is to continue going to school two days a week and being synchronous the other two days much like the model we have seen for the majority of the school year.  If this is the option students feel is best for them, it does need to be noted on the survey.

The same goes for students who were previously fully synchronous and would like to start coming to school either two or four days a week.  

In addition to these changes, another notable difference between the first three quarters of the school year in comparison to the fourth, will be the change of the half-remote day.  Like in previous quarters, students will be expected to log on to a remote day where they will only have half their classes as well as a rotation of clubs and CCER.  The difference will be that this day is no longer going to be on Wednesdays, but will be on Fridays.

There are mixed feelings radiating from students about this shift in scheduling.  Some feel that the change will be a positive one while others disagree.

“I think that it is really nice that we all get the opportunity to come back,” shared freshman Delia Salser.  “I think it will help it to feel more normal.”

Others students disagree and feel that going four days with a decrease in social distancing is walking a more risky line.  

Ahmad Salem, a junior who currently goes to school days days a week, explained, “To be honest, I don’t feel safe because it’s only three feet away.”

Such feelings are to be expected and will aid students in choosing the right option for them; whether that option is going four days a week, remaining or going fully synchronous, or continuing the two day hybrid model.  

“While I really appreciate the school board and their constant efforts to keep IHS open and functioning throughout the course of this pandemic, I plan to remain in the hybrid model for the remaining nine weeks,” voiced senior Alexis Single.  “For me personally, this has proven itself effective and I feel that it is the most reliable method at this time.  I have found a balance between my ‘home school’ schedule and ‘in person’ schedule so it works perfectly.”

Freshman Ronald Wang remarked, “I personally want to go back four days if my parents can get the vaccine.”

If students have learned anything from this past school year, it is how to adapt to diverse situations; so, a change in schedule will likely be accustomed to quickly.

[Photo by Maggie Medvetz]

Photo Caption: “Students in study hall social distancing under the new CDC guidelines.”

Maggie Medvetz


Maggie is a senior and first-year reporter for the High Arrow.  She enjoys playing tennis for the high school and being part of the IHS dance team.  She is excited to start reporting for the High Arrow.