Indiana Area Senior High School

By MEGHAN RUMMEL- 70 to 15 was the final game score of the exciting game played against Derry Highschool. Football players of IHS worked their hardest and it finally pulled off. 


Senior Brock Miller has been playing football for 3 years and is a kicker/punter. Miller stated that “there were a lot of guys that really stepped up and played their hearts out.”


The boys fought hard all throughout the game to secure the win. Junior Andrew Anderson who has been playing football for 8 years expressed that he thought “the whole team did great, we even had people on Junior Varsity scoring touchdowns, which is amazing.” 


“We were extremely happy that all of our work paid off,” concluded Senior Jacob McCracken. 


Celebration was definitely occurring after this game. Miller said that “we were very excited, and we celebrated, but we focused up and got ready for the next game.” Anderson added, “We were really hype after the game, we were blasting music, laughing, and just having a great time.”


The IHS student section goes crazy every game for our team. McCracken stated, “the student section gets the mood right and hypes us up to have great games.” Miller added that the team “feeds off of their energy” Anderson shared that he thinks, “ the student section helps big time because the support is crazy. We all have a bond from going to school together so it’s like one big family coming to support the team. I wanna see them be louder!”


The bond between the team is something unbreakable. Anderson claimed that “the team loves each other like brothers.” McCracken considers the team to be “closer than ever.”


This game was very special to Miller. Not only did he play his heart out, but he also tied the school record for most PAT’s in a game, so this was especially important to him. He also shared that he found out just a couple of hours before the game that his pap had passed. Miller voiced that everything I did was all for him and it was just a huge blessing to me.”


Overall, the IHS football team is extremely proud of this win and they are ready to continue winning and continue having a good season. 

[Photo courtesy of Erik Puskar]


Photo Caption; “Korbin Wilson runs for the touchdown.”