Indiana Area Senior High School

By ADDISON MOSCO – When eccentric billionaire J. Leslie  Arlington is murdered, a clueless detective finds the suspects are all reluctant to admit their alibis . . . because they were all committing other ridiculous crimes at the time.  


 The Alibis will take place on Friday, December 3rd, and Saturday, December 4th. Students in the drama department are expecting a big turnout for the play this semester.


Depending on what the district decides on how many are allowed, I’m expecting a big turnout. The drama department always does really well with advertising and getting the word out about the shows.” Freshman Grace Bowersox explained.


 “I’m definitely hoping for a big turn out! We’re planning on doing this play in person so I think the turn out is going to be bigger. Our audiences for murder mysteries are usually larger as well so I’m hoping for a full house!” Commented Senior Avery Olenchick.


While preparing for the show, the drama department also has to keep the COVID guidelines and restrictions in mind. For rehearsals all students are masked and Mrs. Lyons has chosen a show that is specifically written to put actors in “Pods” so that if a student is quarantined or sick, only one or two scenes are impacted and not the entire show. 


Senior, Avery Olenchick, is the President of the IHS drama department. She expresses her feelings about COVID and the differences between this year and last year. 


COVID has absolutely changed theater. Last year was a lot harsher with restrictions because we couldn’t be close at all, had to be double masked, had to sanitize every 30 minutes, etc. While our health and safety plan is still very safe, there is more freedom this year. I miss my sophomore year before covid took over. We were doing scenes seated together, holding hands with romantic interests, doing lifts in dances and so much more. Those all seem so simple, but when you can’t have those personal interactions you come to miss them. I’m hopeful that things will return to “normal” again soon though.”


The students in the drama department also show gratitude to the family they have created. They feel as though it is a very safe environment. For many students it is their favorite part of the day. Many students favorite part of drama is the welcoming feeling that radiates from the members.


Vice President of the IHS Drama Department, Sophie Runge stated,“My favorite part of being involved in drama is the family we have created.  Everyone is so kind and supportive and that’s something I have always appreciated.”

Photo Caption; “The Alibis Logo”

[Photo Courtesy of the IHS Drama Department]