Indiana Area Senior High School

By KARA SOMERVILLE- Students of IHS are excited to be back in person and making special memories for the 2021-2022 school year. This year has been an adjustment for many people, but we are happy to take on this crazy year together. 


Senior MarCha’ Ellis expressed that she is “very excited to be back in school because being online was very dreadful and now that we are back in person again I get to see all my friends and doing work for classes is a lot easier.” 


Junior Colton Rayko added to this by saying, “I’m excited to be back in person and to be able to connect with my friends this year.” IHS students are happy to be back socializing and learning with all of their friends in the building.


Sophomore Gavin Caruso prefers the online/hybrid option. He stated, “I was hybrid last year, and I still prefer hybrid after my first week back. I felt in control of my own learning and that worked well for me.” Ellis also mentioned hybrid learning by stating “Last year I was online for one semester and decided to switch to hybrid. I think hybrid was a better choice because I was able to get one on one help and overall seemed better than just being online not seeing anyone or constantly logging in late.” 


Being in school even just a few days out of the week and having the chance to be surrounded and supported by others has already helped students rather than being all online. 


Ellis went on and said, “The first week of school seemed like everyone was so hyped and actually wanted to come to school. I have seen a lot of new teachers and it seemed like the school put a lot of effort into making this a great year. I am so happy to be back in school for my senior year”.  


Rayko stated that his first week was “really good and memorable, something that really stood out to me was how quiet everyone was this year compared to the last two years I have been at IHS”. 


Overall, many memories are already being made, and there are plenty more to come this year at IHS.

Photo Caption; “Students enjoy their first week back at IHS”


[Photo Courtesy of Maycie Lorelli]