Indiana Area Senior High School

BY MADELINE SHIRLEYDue to the Covid 19 pandemic, IHS was unable to have a Homecoming last year but this year it looks like Homecoming is in the works.


 Junior Maycie Lorlelli, a member of SGA, shared what she was expecting for Homecoming this year, “I’m expecting a big turnout since we didn’t have one last year. I feel like people are going to appreciate it more.”


 This year the theme for Homecoming is A Night On the Red Carpet. SGA intends on having a prep rally the week of the football game as well as dance this year, Lorelli happens to be the most excited about the prep rally, “I am most excited about the prep rally because you get to see everyone come together again. Personally I am excited for things to go back to normal and for us to have activities again.”


Things are a bit different for those who are not a part of SGA. Freshman Kalise Dugan is expecting for this to be unforgettable, “I am expecting the dance to be memorable for my friends and I. I am also expecting the football game to be a win, not only for the football team but for a good time.” 


The football game is on Friday October 8th and the dance is being held on Saturday October 9th outside. SGA is really planning to make this homecoming great since the previous homecoming had to be cancelled.  


Homecoming Court – There are a total of 10 Seniors on Homecoming court, 5 boys and 5 girls. 

Some of them were taken by surprise when they were told that they were nominated for court, “It was definitely a surprise. It feels nice to know that people think of me like that.” Isaac Myers commented. 


Along with Anna Margita who feels honored to be nominated, “I feel really happy, I feel honored that my class has nominated me and has given me this opportunity.” 


The nominees are all pretty good friends, “They are my classmates and friends and I feel like they deserve this so much.” Lily Cunningham states, along with Noah Hutton who says, “So it came to me as a complete surprise because all of the other nominees are my best friends.” But Hutton was also super surprised to find out that he was nominated, “First of all I feel extremely grateful and surprised at the same time.”


Cunningham was also not expecting to be nominated, she also felt honored to be a part of the court, “It is such an honor to be a part of something great, I am really appreciative of being able to experience this.” 

Some words from your IHS 2021 Homecoming Court:

From Lily Cunningham, “I am very thankful for everyone who gave me this opportunity and I wish all the other nominites good luck.” 


 From Noah Hutton, “First off thank you for nominating me, but it’s more about all of you than it is me.”


 From Anna Margita, “Thank you to everyone that has given me experience. This school has impacted me and I’m so glad to be representing the 2021 homecoming court.”


 From Isaac Myers, “I’d like to thank everyone who put me in this position and good luck to all the other nominites.” The thrill and excitement continues to rise as IHS prepares for the 2021 Homecoming.

{Photo By Erik Puskar}

(Top row left to right-Dylan Majernik, Isaac Myers, Blake Hodak, Nyle Bajwa, Noah Hutton, Bottom row left to right- Gabby Clark, Lily Cunningham, Ally Conrad, Melina Hilliard, Anna Margita) 

Photo Caption: “The Homecoming court stands in honor”