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By MEGHAN RUMMEL –  Have you registered to vote yet? Students from IHS are registering to vote for our country’s future leaders. 

When citizens turn 18, they are eligible to vote, but if their birthday falls before the election then they can register when they are 17.

Many students at IHS have registered, and many of them are very passionate about politics. Senior India Krug, who is involved in the Democratic Club expressed her feelings on why it is important to vote, “It’s your obligation as an American citizen to participate in your democracy. It gives you a voice on the issues you care about.” 

 Junior Justin Reese who is also in the Democratic Club stated, “Voting is one of the few things that are guaranteed to all us citizens. That being said, it is important to exercise that right and voice your opinion.”

Krug adds, “I think there is less excitement surrounding local elections, but they are just as important as national elections, if not more. I think there is a lot of apathy concerning young people and American democracy.”

Senior Nick Hilliard, who is in the Republican Club stated, “It’s an easy process that everyone should take advantage of.”  Reese added, “Even if we were to sign one senior up to vote it would be making a difference. We are doing another registration in the spring to register those who were missed.”

Registering to vote also comes with many beneficial advantages, such as better social connections, personal agency, and becoming more informed about politics. Reese explains, “Registering to vote allows you as an individual to pledge your support for the candidate you think will make the right choices.” Krug adds, “You are utilizing your right to a seat at the table, and if you aren’t at a seat at the table, then you’re on the menu.”

Overall, registering to vote is easy. You can even fill out the form online. Registering is important for every citizen, but it is even more important for young adults so they can be more informed on what is going on in the world around them and have a better understanding of political events.

[Photo by Meghan Rummel]

Photo Caption: “Kara Somerville checks out the voter registration website”


Meghan Rummel

Meghan is a freshman and this is her first year on the High Arrow staff. She is excited to write useful and truthful articles.