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By JORIE MEIL – Last weekend, Indiana High School held another exciting and fun-filled homecoming celebration.  Homecoming is a time honored tradition in schools across America, and IHS is no exception. Homecoming festivities included Spirit Week, the homecoming pep rally, the coronation of this year’s king and queen, and a winning performance from the football team.

One of the biggest events of homecoming weekend is, of course, the football game. This year IHS played Ambridge and won their first game of the season with an impressive 20-0 win. “The game went very well this year. There was a very strong atmosphere at the game and a spirit of winning,” says sophomore football player Justin Raible.

The Saturday after the game, the homecoming dance was a big hit this year with over 450 students in attendance. The theme of the homecoming dance was “A Thousand Lights, “and the lanterns placed all around the room made it show. The students all enjoyed themselves this year, sophomore Alyssa McLaine says, “The homecoming dance was extremely fun. Homecoming is always a good time where you can hang out with your friends and enjoy yourselves.”

One of the most well-known and anticipated events of homecoming is the crowing of the court. The homecoming court is nominated by the seniors, and then chosen through online voting by the entire student body. This year’s king’s court was made up of seniors Giaco Gentile, Edward Chandler, Vincent Birch, Benjamin Bianco, Thomas Arbuckle, and this year’s king, Trajan Jones. This year’s queen’s court was made up of seniors Nabeeha Affan, Jennifer Brice, Jessica Cash, Bailey Dills, and this year’s queen, Jordan Raible. Homecoming King Trajan Jones says, “Being crowned king had to have been one of my proudest moments at HIS. It means a lot, and to be picked out of a great group of guys makes it that much better.”

As always, to get students excited for homecoming, the festivities start with a Spirit Week. Every day had a different dress up theme to get the students in the homecoming spirit. Monday was Mismatched Monday, followed by Twin Tuesday, Way-Back Wednesday, Sports Jersey Thursday, and finally, Red and Black Friday, which celebrates the school colors.

Following all of the Spirit Week activities was the pre-game pep rally. The entire student body gathered in the new gymnasium for fun competitions and the crowning of the homecoming king. Students from all grades participated in games such as hot dog eating contests, shooting hoops with blindfolds, and obstacle courses to get everyone excited for homecoming.

IHS once again had a very successful homecoming week. This nice fall weekend was perfect to celebrate homecoming with students, faculty, and alumni.


Photo by Erik Puskar

Caption: “Senior cheerleader Macey Phillips helped to generate excitement at the homecoming pep rally”

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