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By JUSTIN REESE- Stranger Things, a Netflix original television series, follows Will Byers and his journey with the Demogorgon in the mystical land of the Upside Down. Season one of the series had left many unanswered questions, which left fans eagerly awaiting the thirteen new episodes that will be streaming beginning October 27.

The return of the show is bringing back ardent fans that enjoyed season one.  Freshman Ian Steele says,  “I really enjoyed the first season and I hope that the second season will be even better. Hopefully, Eleven is in season two.”

In addition to returning fans, the continuation of the show is reeling in new audience members such as freshman Anna Romance, “I’ve heard about it and never really checked it out, but there seems to be a lot of hype surrounding season two. I will definitely start watching it to prepare myself.”

The trailer for the second season that was released by Netflix at the comic convention left fans to question the conflict of the plot, which seems to be very similar to that of season one. Will the mystical beast, the Demogorgon from the popular board game “Dungeons & Dragons” return for season two, or will there be a new similar beast terrorizing the town of Hawkins, Indiana?

It looks like season two will introduce new characters as well. Youth actress Sadie Sink debuted during an interview with the main cast members, hinting at a possible addition to the notorious group of misfits. Netflix has released information on their Wikipedia page regarding season two, such as Sadie Sink playing a “tomboy like character” with the name Max.

Some returning fans are looking forward to the new season in order to gain closure from season one. Sophomore Eric Atherton says, “I think that a lot of things in the first season were left unfinished.” Sophomore Kiara Smith agreed with Eric saying, “I definitely plan on watching season two because there are so many questions left unanswered that I am excited to find out.”

It can be seen that Stranger Things has a fervent fan base.  The return of the series with season two is bringing returning fans, but also new fans that have heard of the new series and are jumping into the fan base.


[Photo by Justin Reese]

Photo Caption: Freshman Anna Romance binge watches Stranger Things season one in preparation for the return of the series.

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