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By ASHLEE GRAHAM – Several new teachers were added to the teaching roster for the 2017-2018 school year that are sure to help students stay at the very top. Here at IHS, everyone tries to keep themselves at the highest level possible, and a huge part of this is the faculty and staff.

“There is a mindset among the faculty and administration to be on the cutting edge, and try new things,” comments new English teacher Mr. Farina.

The beginning of the new school year has introduced students to some newly added staff: that also consists of a few familiar faces:  Mrs. Betta, Mrs. Gallo, Mr. Ribar, Mr. Angelo, and Mr. Farina are among some new  teachers this year at the senior high.

Many of these teachers have  previously been in IHS classrooms before, and several (Angelo, Gallo) will share a split day between the junior and the senior high schools..

Mr. Ribar, the newest teacher in the music department, began as a student teacher here seven years ago alongside Mrs. Laird. Ribar, likes to instill what he knows into the students and have them strive stating,  “They [the students]are intrinsically motivated for themselves and their own performance.”

This year, Mrs. Gallo comes to the senior high from the junior high to teach several ninth grade English classes. Gallo states, “The split schedule is a challenge, but I do enjoy getting to go outside after spending my mornings in a room without windows.  We will see how much I enjoy brushing snow off my car twice a day in the winter,” Gallo joked.

Along with Mrs. Gallo, math teacher Mr. Angelo has also moved up from the junior to the senior high this year. This is very exciting for his previous students to have the chance to have him as a teacher again.

Mr. Farina is a long term sub in English who is teaching one class of ninth graders and senior electives Science Fiction, Fantasy Literature, and Creative Writing. Farina is here in the absence of Mrs. King, who is on sabbatical. He is excited to have a fun year here at IHS, and is very passionate about teaching and doing what he loves.

Along with the others, let’s give science teacher Mrs. Betta a warm welcome back. Having been here last  year as a long-term sub for Mrs. Walton, she has a good idea of the ins and out of IHS. “We have a good diversity of interests, and a lot of opportunities for all the students to engage in things they enjoy, especially in the clubs,” stated Betta.

It should be a fun and fresh year at IHS, especially with so many new staff members. It will be a great chance to see some new friendly faces.


[Photo by Erik Puskar]

Photo Caption: “Mrs. Betta helps freshman Ethan Frederick with his science homework.”

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