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By PARKER KOONS – IHS is now offering a way for students to get a head start on their college career through use of the College in High School program. College in High School allows students to earn credits for classes they take at IHS. The program involves Westmoreland Community College and Mount Aloysius and offers credit for a variety of classes.

The classes offered by Westmoreland Community College include Creative Writing, Pre-Calc and Honors Pre-Calc, Chemistry and Honors Chemistry, French IV, Spanish IV, Accounting 2, Anthropology, and CADD . Mount Aloysius also offers credits but only in Pre-Calc and Honors Pre-Calc as well as Chemistry and Honors Chemistry.

There are requirements made by both colleges for a student to be able to apply for credits with them. Mount Aloysius requires that the student who wishes to apply is in 10th, 11th, or 12th Grade and they must earn a C or better in the course and that they maintain a 3.0 grade average as well as attend school regularly.

Westmoreland Community College requires that the student be in 11th or 12th grade, earn at least a C in the course, maintain a 2.5 grade point average, be on track for graduation, and must have scored proficient or advanced on the Keystone Math or English exams.

Credits that a student earns may be transferable from either Westmoreland Community College or Mount Aloysius to many Pennsylvania state and private colleges and can help jump-start a student’s college career. Most courses here at IHS will offer three credits for roughly $98 per credit.

“I think it’s great, it gives people a chance to get ahead,” said senior Sequoiah Rhoades.

Since the program is new this year, it is just beginning to take off at IHS. “The CHS option could have been advertised better. I attended the parent meeting and very few parents actually came. I think CHS is a great opportunity for high school students, but very few people knew about it well enough to decide to enroll,” expressed Kate Metzger, a senior.

Senior Tian Schiera said, “The CHS program seems to be a fantastic new way for high school students to earn credits for general classes, allowing a more realistic and accessible alternative than dual enrollment or advanced placement classes for many students.”

[Photo by Parker Koons]

Photo Caption: “Mr. Doody teaches his 7th period Anthropology class which has been offered college credit for their time spent in the class.”

Parker Koons

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