Indiana Area Senior High School

By JORIE MEIL- On October 12, IHS welcomed fifteen French students that are participating in this years French exchange program. These students, hosted by IHS students from a variety of grades, have come to Indiana to experience American life and culture.

The French students arrived on October 12 and will be staying until October 25. While they are here, they will be attending classes with their hosts, exploring America, practicing their English, and learning about a foreign culture. All of the students, who go to the same school in France, will be staying with IHS students, with the exception of one who will be at United High School.

This year’s students who are participating in the program include seniors Julie Pittman, Raeleigh Smith, Frankie Baumer, Emma Roth, Anthony Bevevino, and Nathan Kerchensky. The juniors involved in this years exchange are Danny Lee, Jorie Meil, Nathan Birch, India Krug, Alyssa McLaine, Caleb Hockenberry, Lily Boulard and Luke Ciocca. Joining them is one sophomore, Kaylee Becker-George.

“I love meeting people from a different culture and becoming a close friend group with them,” expressed junior Lily Boulard. “It makes me realize that even though we have different backgrounds, we can all relate to each other and have a great time together!”

The French students have a busy two weeks while they are in Indiana. Their days are filled with parties, field trips, festivals, games, and most importantly classes. The students have opportunities to explore and learn about Indiana through a Scavenger hunt uptown. They also get to see another side of America on their field trip to Pittsburgh. In Pittsburgh, they will see the Andy Warhol museum, visit the international rooms at the Cathedral Of learning, and get to explore several parts of Pittsburgh.

This trip is an educational experience for both the American and French students. Both groups of high school students will be learning about and experiencing different cultures. For the French students it is an opportunity to practice their English skills and learn about a new country, and for the Americans it is an opportunity to use the French that they study in class. “I think the French language is absolutely beautiful and I am grateful for an opportunity to learn more about French and French culture,” stated junior Alyssa McLaine.

After leaving Indiana the French exchange students have the opportunity to visit New York City for three days to see yet another side of American culture. While in New York, the students will visit many famous sights and learn about Urban America.

The students have formed amazing friendships not only with their correspondents, but with all of their new foreign friends. The exchange provides a once in a lifetime experience for the  French and American students alike.

[Photo by James Dykun]

“The American and French students  enjoy themselves at a welcome party.”


Jorie Meil

Jorie is a junior and is co-editor and business manager. She has been on the High Arrow staff for three years and likes being able to inform the IHS community of local and worldwide news.