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By KIARA DONOFRIO- Released on September 16, 2020, Apple now has advanced their products with the IOS 14 update.  This update is one of the most dramatic changes to Apple’s IOS.  It became very popular including home screen design changes, new features, updates for existing apps, Siri improvements, new emoji options, and many other improvements.

The IOS update has improved iPhones in many ways. Junior Owen Lawson stated, “The update improved my phone with calling and Siri because it doesn’t take up the full screen when it rings.  It also improved my home screen because I can change the looks of the icons.  I can watch movies while being on other apps.”  People will not lose track of what they are doing due to Siri and phone calls not taking up the whole screen.

There are many reasons to like this update. Senior, Alexis Husted Williams said, “It makes me more organized with the new features, and it is quicker to access apps.”  The update contains an app library, where all apps are placed in categories, on one page.  This makes it easier and quicker to navigate apps.  This update also includes an in-app search, where you can look up what app you are trying to find.  

The IOS 14 is better compared to any other update. Senior Sarah Pierce commented, “ The new IOS update allows you to customize your home screen any way you want it to be.  It also allows you to take apps off your home screen that you don’t need on there.  I think that it looks more organized and I can match my own aesthetic.”  No other update included this feature.

This is important because the world keeps updating and finding new technology every day.  As technology gets better it creates competition in businesses.  This is for our benefit as we get more up to date and faster devices.  The IOS 14 is going to be hard to top!


[Photo by: Alexis Husted Williams]

Photo Caption: “Senior Alexis Husted Williams takes a photo using her iPhone, showing off the improved high-quality camera.”

Kiara Donofrio


Kiara is a senior and a first-year reporter for the High Arrow.  She enjoys volunteering for Key Club and SGA.  She is excited to write articles and to be a part of the staff.