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By JUSTIN REESE –  It seems as if the most traditional and popular hobbies, sports, and classes of IHS students have come to a standstill as a result of the coronavirus pandemic; however, this is not the case in regard to journalism here at IHS. The student-run newspaper The High Arrow is very much alive and well, even compared to previous years.

The High Arrow has welcomed back new and returning staff members this year, totaling nineteen reporters, a stark increase in the relatively small staff of reporters in previous years. thirteen of this year’s staff members are first-year reporters, suggesting that students are increasingly taking a greater interest in journalism. Having a larger staff has allowed the publication to cover more content and happenings in the community and the world. 

First-year reporter and senior Ethan Black noted his excitement stating, “ I love the energy and nature of journalism. As a first-year reporter, it feels like it’s something I should have been doing since my freshman year.”

Publication editor and senior Adriana Guth-Boroski commented, “The amount of people on the staff is great. There are a lot of new people, and I’ve really enjoyed getting to know them and watching them grow as writers.”

The coronavirus pandemic has enforced social distancing and strict guidelines in and around the world and at IHS. Clubs, classes, and extracurriculars have been moved to an online format, and many are having a hard time adjusting. Fortunately, The High Arrow switched to a mainly online format of operation a few years ago as the price of printing increased.

The October newsletter was being released as an online format and sent to all IHS students and staff. In addition, a physical print of the newsletter is being mailed to patrons, and are available to students and staff. 

All student articles are being published on the website and are posted to social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Members of the staff have noted one obstacle of journalism during a global pandemic: finding content. As previously mentioned, many clubs and organizations have either been pushed to an online format or even made unavailable to students this year. 

Guth-Borowski added on the struggles of reporting this year, “We have to adapt to having students at home and in person at the same time which makes it more difficult to keep in touch with people concerning their articles. As the editor, it definitely feels a lot different from past years, but I think the staff is adapting well and doing a great job.”

Student journalism is alive and well, especially here at IHS, which is something that is as important as ever in the ever-changing world of information access.

[Photo courtesy of The High Arrow]

Photo caption, “This year’s High Arrow staff is one of the largest in recent years.”


Justin Reese

Associate Editor

Justin is a senior and a third-year reporter for the High Arrow. He is a member of leadership, enjoys acting, and campaigning for local political candidates. He strives to hold himself to a high standard of unbiased and fact-based reporting.