Indiana Area Senior High School

ENDYA TYSON- A lot of people were left wondering over the weekend whether Halloween would be canceled due to Covid 19. To help stop the spread of covid, Indiana County made special guidelines on how people could celebrate Halloween Anyone trick or treating was to wear a mask, and to please try and maintain a six-foot distance from those handing out candy. But did any students here at ISH actually celebrate Halloween or do any type of festive activities.?

Over this busy weekend, people celebrated Halloween differently. Some people chilled at home and just spent time with family. Senior Alexis Husted-Williams said, “ I stayed home with my family and watched Halloween movies and ate lots of candy. Covid had messed up a lot of plans, but I still had a good night with my family.”

Some people even dressed up with their friends and family. “I didn’t go trick or treating. But my friends and I dressed up as Disney villains,” stated senior Debra Flint who also went on to say, “ I was dressed up as Ursula. After that, my friends and I pretty much hung out and played Among Us.”

Students even went out trick-or-treating. “Even though we are all going through some tough times, everyone that I went trick-or-treating with stayed six feet apart and made sure to wear a mask.” commented senior Marjaun Ellis. 

Ellis went on to say, “I went trick or treating with my family and friends. I dressed up as a 2020 coronavirus graduate. It was pretty fun. A lot of people just left buckets of candy on their porch and people who actually handed out candy wore masks, and so did I. Everyone just seemed to be having a good time while making sure to remain safe.”

Photo by Ethan Black

 Photo Caption: “Senior Hope Byers dressed as Wednesday Addams for Halloween senior dress-up day.


Endya Tyson


Endya is a senior and a second-year reporter for the High Arrow. She is excited about writing meaningful  articles this year for the newspaper(: