Indiana Area Senior High School

By KOREY FERRINGER– Standardized testing first came into use in the 1920’s as the Scholastic Aptitude Test, but we know it as the SAT. Since this first occurrence, many schools have been issuing tests like these in many subjects.

So what is the problem then? Standardized testing only focuses on a certain format. For example, a question could ask a student to write a small paragraph about a certain topic, then grade the student on how they responded based on a prompt.

What the tests fail to promote is creativity, every answer must be the same or close to it. If standardized testing were to be eliminated from our educational system, students would enjoy coming to school and wouldn’t have to worry about how they will do on some test.

What matters most in a school is how students feel when going through the day. If they are stressed and worried, that’s what they will feel for the rest of the day. 

Senior Liam McDaniel said, “I think it[standardized testing] would positively affect some students while negatively affecting others. The students who learned the test like we do now, would have to learn how to take [a new one] differently.” 

Not only would students change, but so would the schools. Schools could have different ways of covering material, and teachers wouldn’t have to teach what was on the test and could try to strengthen the bond between their students and create a better and safer learning environment.

Senior Eddy Williams said. “I think the schools would focus less on test knowledge.” Schools and students would both change exponentially if standardized testing were to change.

Students would enjoy being present at school if the educational system revised their tests. Freshmen Julian Thomas said, “ I believe students would enjoy coming to school if the tests were changed to fit everyone’s abilities.” If these changes were to take action then stress wouldn’t be a problem to students. Neither would testing in general.


Photo by Korey Ferringer
Photo caption: Freshman Julian Thomas studying for a civics test.


Korey Ferringer

Korey is a freshman and this is his first year as a reporter. He hopes that he can help the High Arrow grow to be the best news source in Indiana.