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BY JACOB CHRISTIAN – Every Valentine’s day, people are expected by their significant others (and massive corporations everywhere), to do something special for them. Gift giving is usually the bulk of this. Every person is going to be different, so be sure to give the gift a personal touch. That being said, sometimes it is hard to find the perfect gift to show someone you care. These are five types of gift ideas to get you started on finding the right gift for your special someone. These are not listed in any particular order, as every person is different, and different gifts are better for different people.

#1. Somethin’ Sweet.

You can usually never go wrong with sweets or flowers. Most people like candy, and a sweet treat or pleasant smelling flower can go a long way. This is especially the case if you haven’t been together long enough to warrant anything over the top. It’s inexpensive, and simple, but not cheesy. These two come highly recommended. Senior Lexi Michele said, “Candy is probably the best because the best way to any heart is food.” Senior Abby Moody, believed strongly that “Roses are nice, because you don’t see a lot of them in winter, and the change in scenery is nice.”

#2. Nice words, from the heart.

Not everyone cares about stuff. Sometimes, all people want is to feel loved and appreciated. Saying something nice, and taking the time to draw out a pen and write it down can go a long way. Folks usually pursue relationships because they crave to feel special and appreciated. They want intimacy. Even if you’re getting them something else, try and take the time to write them a letter, it’s always a good idea.

#3. Something for their hobbies.

Most people have hobbies. If they have a passion that they do on the side, they likely have need for equipment or supplies to do that. If they paint, maybe buy them some paints or canvas. If they play a sport, maybe give them a sportsball. If they play violin, maybe buy them some strings. Little things like this are always nice, because they’re practical, yet not too serious or boring. A lot of times they will have to prioritise survival or family things over their own spending money, and it’s just nice to get something that will allow them to have fun doing something they enjoy.

#4.  Something homemade, with a personal touch

Sometimes, you can’t get the proper thing for the person you care about with just some cash and a quick trip to the store. If you can make something with your own two hands instead, that can be a really good memory, and they’ll have something to remember you by even when you’re not around. Maybe make them a mixtape or playlist. If you paint, just paint something for them. Just make something that makes them feel like you care.

#5. Do something for them, that makes them feel appreciated.

Joey Bujdos, an IHS senior, says “I think romantic gestures are much more valuable, it shows that you put in more effort. You’re putting in extra time for them, and time is money.” If you can take the time do a service for someone, they will know that you care enough to put in the effort. It doesn’t need to always be a magical gesture, you could cook them a meal, or shovel their driveway. Maybe just watch the kids so they can have some time to themselves.

While these aren’t all of the things you could possibly do to show someone you care, they are a good starting place. Every person is different, and you will usually know what they want better than anyone else. Just go with your gut, and try not to be to cliche, or cheesy (unless they’re into that.)

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Jacob Christian

Jacob is a senior and a first year reporter for the High Arrow.  He joined journalism to use as a creative outlet and as a way to challenge himself and improve his writing.